Monday, August 9, 2010

She's Back: Plus Bonus Photos

My mom made it home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. She was welcomed by quite the greeting party. All of her children, her granddaughter, husband, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, 3 dogs and two cats. Then a short while later her sister Tina, niece and nephew stopped in for a quick hello as well.

My mom
My mom, home!

I know it all sounds a bit overwhelming, but we were all there to help. Sara, my sister-in-law got busy cooking a delicious meal of potatoes, Israeli salad, maple and dill carrots, and I added some portabello mushrooms to the mix. Throughout the prep process Sara was aided by most of us with peeling, chopping, or whatever else she needed.

My sister-in-law, busy with dinner preparations.

Ben, Coco, Cordelia
Ben, Cordelia, and Coco in the pan.

Sam and Cordelia
Sam busy entertaining Cordelia.

JRake, my dog nephew

Coco, my dog niece

Running with the pooches

JRake, getting a little too close for comfort with Cordelia

Ben jumping 1
Ben on the trampoline

Ben Jumping 2
Ben on the trampoline

Ben Jumping 3
Ben doing a flip on the trampoline

We had a lovely night, my mom napped as necessary, and you can see that we had no trouble keeping ourselves entertained. We were all feeling celebratory to have her back, even though she still has a long recovery ahead of her. We are all ready and willing to help.


affectioknit said...

So glad your Mom is home and doing well...

...I love the tongue picture cute!

On my way Home... said...

Elijah and I talked to God about her last night... so I was so happy to see that she was home when I checked your blog this morning! You have a super great family all pitching in like they are!

AKM said...

I'm SO relieved to see that your mama is home! (BTW, she just looks entirely too young and pretty to have grown children and a grandchild. Is it something in the water out there? And she's wearing a Cards shirt, hee hee!)

It's nice that you got to have a family reunion of sorts, too! The dogs are adorable!

Maria Rose said...

Angela, I know! Isn't my mom a gorgeous lady! She's that good lookin' and she's ill!

Anonymous said...

so glad your momma is home and that she has such a wonderful family to help in the recovery.


Momma CupKate said...

Happy family!

Stacy said...

Yeah for your mom coming home!! Awesome!

Hello Lindello said...

What a support and darling looking family! I'm happy to see she's doin well. And she does look VERY young. Good genes!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

your mom looks great! glad she is doing better. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)

Sarah Kramer said...

So happy your Mum is home!!

Sarah Kramer said...

So happy to hear your Mum is home!! :)

Robin said...

Welcome home to her!

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