Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy! Otherwise known as the major themes of this blog

Today's Post was inspired by my friend Sophie.

10) Creating. I feel as though any day has been a success as long as I've created something, anything.

9) Being vegan. For me, each meal is an opportunity to be compassionate towards the suffering of others. Being vegan has been a gift to animals and to myself.

8) Montana. Sure, I'm not there at the moment, but just knowing it's there waiting for me is often enough. On sad days I think about the mountains, the rivers, the sky and I feel better.

7) Reading. I love to read. I am happy to read a wide variety of literature. Right now I am reading this and this.

6) My animal family. Ophelia was first, then Mia, and Bumblebee. Each one of them has taught us a lot. They make us laugh, they love us, we love them. What more is there to say?



5) My camera, Charlemagne. I love taking pictures. We have more photos than I dare to share, but I love to take photos. I see so many moments of loveliness in each day and I pretty much photograph all of them.
Charlemagne and I

4) Nature. Every bit of it, from blades of grass, to the mountains, to the sky. I love being reminded that I am just a small piece in part of something much more beautiful and much more integrated than I can really imagine.

3) My extended family. Really, I can't say enough about them. My parents, my brothers, my in laws, cousins, niece, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so on. I have an amazing troop of people and I am acutely aware of how much they have given and continue to give me with their love and support.

2) Motherhood. I knew I would love being a mother. I knew it you be amazing, but I had no idea just how much I would love it. Being a mother has helped me to grow so much. I feel an enormous debt of gratitude for the gift of motherhood.
Cordelia and I

1)My marriage.My marriage is the cornerstone of my life. I can't even express properly the happiness it has brought to me.

What are some of the things that make you happy?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Those are gorgeous photos!... What makes me happy is having peace of mind and knowing that what can't be changed is not for me to worry about... When my cat lays right next to me so close that her body seems to mold w/mine.. Knowing when my kids are happy...nothing else matters after that...

..... Carmen said...

That is a gorgeous photo of you & Cordelia :) I was thinking the other day that it's almost her first birthday - how did that happen so quickly? Hope this finds you well!

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

Breakfast burritos...the sounds of cats purring...hearing Andy sleeping next to me...Kew's laugh...friends who "get" you...New Kids on the Block (jammed out to them yesterday and thought of you)...singing really loudly like certain pop stars...clean sheets...flip flops...and seeing kindness in other people.

daphne said...

Great list. I posted one too. I love your photos of your adorable family, both furry and human.

E.K. said...

Seeing you teach our daughter about botany makes me happy.

Robin said...

All time happiness... smiles from my wee one!

AKM said...

Kitties, doggies, babies, coffee, good tunes, yummy food, deep yet funny conversations, engrossing books, and sunshine...these are the things that make me happy.

Stacy said...

Yay for your pretty pets, pretty daughter and pretty camera. And a handsome husband....

sophie said...

beautiful list Maria. Last night Andrew said my list made him sad because he did not feature much in it! I felt so awful. Your list is much more thoughtful than mine and I loved the corresponding photos! It's been wonderful finding you and reading about your lovely life!

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