Monday, August 9, 2010

Three Things

I just have a couple of odds and ends to share with you today.

1) My mother is doing a bit better every day. She wore a dress yesterday. Apparently she is too cool for hospital gowns now. Although I will say that she had a hospital gown with stars on it and I thought it was kinda stylin'.

2) The other night the sky was doing something kind of amazing. I haven't retouched these photos at all, that's just what it was like. We all just stood out on the porch in awe. The sky was lit up like it was some type of gift just for those of us in Wyoming who happened to be using our eyes.





3) Finally this was just another sweet moment between my girls and I thought I'd share it here. I rationalize this photo as being "for family," but it's also because I can't resist. I tried to fight this whole mom blogger thing, but it's totally a losing battle. I embrace it a bit and hope to find a healthy balance of the other stuff too. Thanks for indulging me.


What are three things from your life today?


affectioknit said...

WOW! That sky is awesome!

AKM said...

Glad your mama's feeling better! She's a special lady!

Those pictures are breathtaking, really. I can't wait to move West.

Don't fight the mom blogger thing. I'm going to go ahead and speak for everyone when I say that we love it! Thanks as always for sharing with us.

P.S. I got my book! It looks SO great! I'm really trying to be more vegan-ish again so it's very inspiring...and tempting! Thanks again.

Victoria said...

1. My West-facing porch..looking like the veranda in Italy this morning

2. My awesome husband taking care of all the doggy chores and preparing coffee before I am even out of bed ~ Living the good life!!

3. Cinnamon Kettle Corn ~ OMG!!

Momma CupKate said...

That sky is phenomenal. I dig mommy bloggers. Own it! (Cause, psst- You rock at it.)

the dwellers said...

Amazing sunset!

Daphne said...

1. I met a Secret Service agent today! Three, in fact.
2. We signed 100000000 papers for our home loan today. And are now completely freaked out.
3. It's my 7-year anniversary!

That is an ADORABLE picture!!

kirsten said...

that is a crazy beautiful sky.

bel said...

What beautiful photos!

Stacy said...

All of those photos are AMAZING, including the last one steeped in love. And I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better.

Robin said...

We had a sunset like that tonight!

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