Monday, August 2, 2010

Waterfalls, Newscasters, Dance Off

Yesterday afternoon we took a quick trip up the mountain to visit the local waterfall. The place was pretty crowded with other folk looking to escape the heat. Fortunately the area is wooded and there are plenty of places for people to step off the path and make their own little spot.

Cordelia, wearing some shades.

on the mountain
Eric and Cordelia in the mountains (Look at those cheeks!)

The waterfall

Later we went to another ball game. We saw newscasters (ho hum).

a game
The game

at the game 2
Entertaining the little lady

man and baby
Eric and Cordelia at the game

at the game

Later, when we made it home I was fixing a late dinner of veggie burgers. I heard a sound from the other room, it was Eric doing a whisper yell.

"Maria come here. Maria quick."

So I hustled into the living room where Eric was peering out the window with Cordelia. All I could see was the back of some guy walking his husky. Eric followed up with another whisper yell.

"That's Neema Vedadi!"

He just happens to be a local newscaster, one we haven't yet spotted. A little elusive you might say. So, apparently we have one of the newscasters living near us....

After dinner we blasted Kylie Minogue and had a celebratory dance off. Even getting Bumblebee to join in, making Cordelia squeal with delight.
dog dancing
Bumblebee exhibiting her dog dancing skills to the delight of all.

How was your weekend?


Tammie said...

you guys are newscaster magnets!! unreal.

the dwellers said...

I recently made a quick trip to AZ. While having dinner with a friend in Phoenix, I thought I recognized someone at a nearby table. On a second glance I realized it was a long time newscaster... I laughed a little and thought of your fun blog. :)

AKM said...

Ha ha ha, the newscasters are everywhere! Cracks me up.

Oh, those little cheeks! And stylin' and profilin', wearin' shades...too much!

You look beautiful in that pic, girl! Your Western scenery is beautiful, too. Four more years, and I get to move westward, hopefully... :-)

Stacy said...

Eric does have cute cheeks. And that last picture of you is stunning!!

Emily said...

We had one birthday party and one baby shower to attend which made our weekend feel busy, but really in between those two things we just hung out at home escaping the oppressive heat.

And I agree-- lovely photos of you and your little lady!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Your family makes me feel happy and gives me hope for the world (sorry if that is creepy)

sophie said...

Aww! Cordelia looks so cute in those sunnies - she is taking it so seriously!!

Momma CupKate said...

I have to agree with Tammie! I've never so much as seen the back of more than a couple newscasters in all my days, lol. Love waterfalls, sounds like an entertaining day, indeed.

Robin said...

Are you excited for the new Kylie album to come out? Not sure when tho...

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