Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Went to the Market, the Stones Stayed Home

Bumblebee has been a bit ill lately (shhh...chronic bladder infections). Eric took her to the vet on Monday and let me know that our "hippie vet" required x-rays the following day. Let me say that I met the vet and I am pretty unclear about the exact reason that Eric has for calling him a hippie.

Anyway yesterday morning I packed up Cordelia and Bumblebee for a trip to the vet. I hate leaving Bum at the vet, but it was necessary. I left the house feeling a little bummed about leaving Bee. Then I headed out and things quickly digressed. Cordelia cried, Bee whined, Bee puked her medicine up, I couldn't find the vet. While it was happening it wasn't all that funny, but now I'm laughing about it. Why not?

When we finally found the vet there was another basset hound there, named Diesel. For some reason that made me feel a little better. I left my little pup in their professional care and Cordelia and I went to check in with my mother (who is still recovering at home).

When I picked Bumblebee up a few hours later I got to take a look at her x-rays. She has bladder stones and she'll need a little surgery. Not too worry, the procedure isn't a big deal and she isn't in pain, it's just a way to keep the [whisper the next two words] bladder infections under control. When they brought her to the waiting area for me she was drugged up, like really drugged up. She's pretty entertaining when she's druggy, falling into and out of the car, but with a great attitude. She spent the rest of the day sleeping. Cordelia kept laying toys in front of her sleeping pal and giving her hugs, it was so sweet.


Later in the day we decided to head to the farmer's market and scope the scene, we left Bumblebee and her bladder stones to rest at home. There was music, food, fruits and veggies. The best part was when Eric was taking the beautiful photos you see below. I had stepped away to inspect the peaches and when I looked back there was a chubby boy with a thick Russian accent he was maybe around 8 years old, quizzing Eric about the camera. He had a LOT of questions and turned out to be quite a chatty little fellow. I watched the encounter from the sidelines and laughed as Eric sweetly answered his questions and patiently listened to his tales.

root veggies



Then we headed to the hay bales to listen to some tunes. Cordelia was on the go. I looked at the other mothers bouncing their immobile babies, but then I had to look back to my little lady because she was off, trying to make her way to the pup laying in the grass. I love her independent spirit and her courage as she takes on the world.



After the market we came home and enjoyed a relaxing night in. What was your day like?

P.S. All of the photos are by my hubby.


Anonymous said...

My day was long, but I had a lot of energy so it made for a productive day. Worked in a sculpture studio in the morning, ate good fresh foods, biked over the Williamsburg bridge (not easy) to go to yoga in Manhattan. Then I came home and made green tea, put on a record, and then my neighbors came over and I made a new friend named Jen. I love having neighbor friends!
I like how everyone is kind of neighbors on the interweb. It's always great to see what you're up to. Eric's photos are beautiful and so is your little one. Sending rainbow light to Bumblebee! :)

Tammie said...

aw poor bumblebee, i hope she gets better soon.

Stacy said...

My friend's dog just had surgery for bladder stones (said softly). It was complicated by some strange interaction with the antibiotics given afterwards. Although - goodness, I just re-read that and scared myself - Penny is fine. Hope Bumblebee's goes well too.

AKM said...

Oh, Miss Bumblebee! I'm sure all will go well. Too precious of Cordelia to comfort her with toys and hugs! What a special little lady you've got there.

My dad is in town from Alabama so he and my brother and I hung out and then went out for pizza and the Cards game. Good times, even if the Brewers DID win.

I feel like I should know this, but it that a purple bell pepper or an eggplant? Either way, I'm sure it would be great with some oregano and tomato sauce. :-)

Maria Rose said...

AKM, I'm not sure what it is. Eric took the photo while I was surveying the peaches.

Momma CupKate said...

Love your hair in this pic- so stunning!

Emily said...

Poor Bee! I hope she feels better soon. Tell Eric the pics are really good. I love all the colors of the fresh veggies. Glad your day ended well. Yesterday was our big kindergarten day which brought out all kinds of fun emotions.

sophie said...

Oh no poor Bumblebee, how annoying having bladder issues, hope she recovers soon!

Isn't it a whole new world having a mobile baby!! No more sitting down for the next 2 years!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Farmers markets are the best. Although the ones around here are a wee bit tiny so the hubs and I are only there usually about 20 min. :(
Yesterday we started packing up the apartment-we are moving soon!
I hope Bumblebee feels better! It is heartbreaking to watch a pet suffer...

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