Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 3 of Our SoDak Adventure

Anybody tiring of the term SoDak yet? I am, I think I may have overdone it. Hmmm perhaps I should come up with a newbie....how about UthOta? No, well then I could use your suggestions, until then I guess we're going to stick with SoDak. Wait now I think I like it again.

Mount Rushmore

Anyway, yesterday was another fun filled Team Adventure day. Eric only had a half a day of conferencing so we were ready to hit the road at about 11am. We decided that no trip to Rapid City is complete without a visit to Mount Rushmore. So, we headed the 30 miles or so out of town and straight up to give our former presidents a little attention.

the fam
The family at Mt. Rushmore

C and I at M. Rushmore
Cordelia and I at Mt. Rushmore

E and C at M. Rushmore
Cordelia and Eric at Mt. Rushmore

After our visit with the presidents we stopped in the adorable tourist vortex known as Keystone. We contemplated taking some olde tyme photos and some random strangers offered to "take" Cordelia so we could have our photos taken (um, thanks but no thanks). Instead we stopped and had lunch at an olde tyme saloon/restaurant thingy. The good thing about traveling to popular tourist destinations is that it's easier to find vegan food.

The restaurant

smoochin my bay-bay
Smoochin' my bay-bay as we wait for lunch

Ha cha cha
My handsome husband

After lunch, a nap, some lesson planning and a swim we went back out to investigate Dinosaur Park a WPA Monument. The dinosaurs were made in 1936 and they remain in pretty good shape although the layers of paint make me think there is probably some lead based paint under there, so no paint eating for us.

rapid city and beyond
View of Rapid City from above

dino "slide"
Pretending to slide down the dino tail


Lookin' down at r.c.
Cordelia and I

Close encounter

WPA Dinosaur

We ended the day back in the hotel room with some family time. We played, ate, and slept. How was your day?


kirsten said...

That is amazing! I always seen Mt.Rushmore on cartoons, like "The Simpson". I never thought it would look like that though. CRAZY!
The dino pics are really cool.

affectioknit said...

Those big concrete statues are amazing - such fun!

Stacy said...

Was Eric asking the dinosaur if his butt looked big? As for the random "helpful" strangers, well, that's just odd. Do people actually say yes?

Jessica Harrington said...

i love how you've been calling it sodak!! haha

Emily said...

It looks like you guys are having a wonderful adventure together! I'm jealous. I told Mike yesterday (since he is unemployed and not tied down to a schedule) that we should just jump in the car and head up that way too. It was really, really tempting.

AKM said...

The dinosaurs remind me of _Pee Wee's Big Adventure_. Very cool pics! Once again, I just want to move out West...

Momma CupKate said...

Showed Sonny-bunny the pictures with the dinosaurs and he is hooked! He approves of the "Little Things Are Big" blog.

Robin said...

Mt. Rushmore is so amazing! Best
4th of July/fireworks display ever!

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