Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Frost

Last night it got cold. I knew it would. I made sure Cordelia was warm all night since we are still holding out on starting up the heater. Unfortunately Eric and I forgot to keep ourselves warm. We were cold all night and we were in that weird sleep fog where we wouldn't get up and do something about the cold. So we just shivered in our summer blankets, hoping that the earth would rotate a little closer to the sun a little earlier.


When we finally got up it was all socks and oatmeal and hot showers and snuggles. The air outside is 29 degrees F. Yikes and it's supposed to get up to 80 today! Cordelia has not yet figured out how to walk on the linoleum in her socks, lots of slides and scoots.


For now I am loving the frost on the rooftops, the cars and the crunchy grasses.


Do you have frost yet?

Oh and we took Bumblebee's cone off today. Thank goodness!


bel said...

Congratulations, Bumblebee!

Our morning started out at a balmy 70ยบ and it's supposed to be in the mid-90's all week. This is my least favorite time of year here because it's supposed to be cool and it's just not! Oh October, hurry up!

On my way Home... said...

no frost yet, but it's probably coming soon! which reminds me, i need to disconnect the hose from the house. :)

Stacy said...

No frost here although it was cold in Buffalo this weekend. And by cold I mean low 50s. ;-)

Emily said...

No frost for us here. Ours usually arrives sometime in late October, so we have awhile to go. But we are all grateful for 80 degree weather this week which sort of feels cold after over a month of 100 degree heat. I love Cordelia's jammies. How could you not snuggle her in something like that! :)

AKM said...

Are those pink unicorn pajamas I see?!?! LOVE them! I need some in a grown-up size. :-)

No frost here yet in the Midwest. 29 degrees in the morning in September?! Yep, I am DEFINITELY moving out West. I love chilly mornings!

Glad Miss Bumblebee will have her bearings a bit more now minus the cone!

Tammie said...

man oh man frost! wow.

its cooler here. it was low fifties when i got up and it didnt get higher than 67 all day. plus it was rainy and drippy. wonderful weather.

cordelia looks so cute in her winter wear.

(also, i just remembered your email. i accidentally deleted it after i read it and it just now popped into my mind for some reason. glad everything arrived safely and that you can get some use out of it. as for colors i wear in the fall? hmmm. maybe more jewel tones. and of course my usual grey, black, and white. im dull like that. :)

Robin said...

No frost, but sleeping in a tent when it gets 40 is pretty dang cold!!!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

wow! I can't believe it is that cold already...it is still warm as ever over here on the east coast. Cordelia's pajamas are adorable :)

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