Friday, September 10, 2010

Kind of Like Herding Cats

I think we've all heard of the term "It's like herding cats." Honestly it's one of my favorites because it conjures up awesome mental pictures, though truthfully I am opposed to all cat herding, so no cat herding endorsements from this gal. Anyway I think I've found something more challenging than cat herding.

You see today I was planning a short and sweet post showing you Cordelia's new teeth (mom blogger alert? Yikes). Things just aren't ever that simple are they? So the idea was that I'd get a sweet little smile out of Cordelia and we'd be on our way.

She had other plans.

toothless smile

She did not want to show off her pearly whites.


Instead she wanted to go through all of her books.

not showing teeth

She refused to comply with my request, herding cats people, herding cats.

read to me noooow

She countered my request with a few demands of her own.

She won.

For the record she started giving toothy grins the moment I put the camera away. Good thing she is so darn adorable. Currently she is wandering around with her book in a gift bag.

What are you up to?


bel said...

I tried to get Lulu to smile for the camera once, but all she did was make juicy raspberries and soak herself in spit. I was glad my camera had a video setting because it made a REALLY cute video.

Stacy said...

I used the herding cats analogy twice today. So I get you friend. After all, toddlers aren't all that different than college students sometimes.

Momma CupKate said...

That's darling! I use "herding ladybugs" as my go-to expression when sonny-bunny has his chum spend the night. Two little boys with too many sources of entertainment..... yep, ladybugs.

jorth said...

She is too cute for words... just as well I didn't see a toothy smile because I might have just melted with goopyness!

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