Saturday, September 18, 2010

Married Rosetta Stone

We've all seen it, perhaps our parents had it, a married couple, friends who are dating---the secret couples language. The couples language varies from couple to couple. When I started dating Eric long ago I never really intended to develop this unique language, but do we ever have our own language now! I was thinking about it this morning and thought I'd share a bit with you today.

The Rosetta Stone

The Eyes Have It
Eric and I communicate with our eyes, as most couples do. A brief look can pretty much fill a novel. We can communicate almost anything with just a passing glance. Perhaps we are out in public and it's time to go, one quick dart of the eyes and we set a plan in motion. Each playing our part until we've artfully made our escape. Maybe we're just at the store and one of us will make a quick motion with the eyes, the other gets the message, picks up the object and will even have a leg up on the next item to be gathered. The eyes always tell a story.

Body Language
I think this one is the most simple, but also the easiest to misread. We can tell when the other is uncomfortable, happy, hot, cold, annoyed, etc. We've been so close for so long that we can pick up on even the subtlest gesture.

Actual Language
I am just going to say it, I make up a lot of weird words (snain, elboney, goobleyglop, whizzlestick, etc.). I don't do it to be cute or clever. Sometimes I just can't find the word I am looking for. Often this will include some wild gesticulating on my part. Truly this is all to Eric's credit, he's deciphered my Rosetta Stone and can somehow understand what I am trying to say. For instance I will be in the midst of a tale and for some reason the word refrigerator will slip from my brain so I will say (with wild nonsensical gestures)," You know the boxy cold place with the goobleyglop in it." He often won't even give me the word, he'll just nod knowingly and let me continue on with my story. I do this to him on a daily basis, many times over.

The Dance
We also have a dance of sorts. We each do certain things as part of our daily routine and at this point we don't have to say a single word, things just get done. For instance when we pack for a trip I know that Eric will pack all of the electronics and he knows that I will pack all of the food, vitamins, etc. We have it down to an ultimate art form.

While we could possibly carry on a rich and vibrant relationship in near silence I am so happy to say that I love to talk with my husband and I am so glad we have all of these other tools in our arsenal to keep the communication flowing smoothly.

Do you have your own language?


affectioknit said...

We definitely have our own language and silly words too - and you're right the eyes definitely have it...

Pam Brewer said...

Sometimes I get annoyed that my husband knows what I'm thinking before I say it, other times I'm comforted by it.

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