Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's Really Important

Last night as I lay in bed, unable to drift off, I first thought about all of the projects I have which are in varying degrees of completion and there are a ton. Next I moved on to all of the things that needed to get done (household chores, lesson planning, etc.). Then I began to wonder why these things have taken over such a big portion of my mind. Why do I let them take up such a high position that they impact my ability to sleep?

Thinking 'bout stuff

So today I feel like I am really waking up. It's time to re-prioritize. Enough time and energy has been dedicated to the wrong areas or projects that leave me feeling a bit overextended. Time to focus on all of the things that are truly important to me: my relationships, my creativity, and responsibilities that truly matter. Clean out all the clutter in my life and start to live with a deeper authenticity.

What do you need to re-prioritize?


Helena said...

Great photo. I just had these same thoughts too. I need to concentrate on my children and things that truly mean something to me (writing, wellness) and not for example on studying etc.

Robin said...

Exactly the same for me.

AKM said...

I need to get back into Student Mode and studying more. I'm pretty sure I won't ace grad school if I slack as much as I did in undergrad. :-/

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