Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 2 Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

How's New Mexico? How was dinner with your 10,000 nephews and niece? I am jealous that you get to see the Copelands later today. I wish we could formally introduce them to our little lady.


We are doing well in Wyoming. My dad is almost done re-finishing the deck. Bumblebee is in heaven (not actual heaven, she's in good health don't worry). Cordelia is as charming as ever. She has been happy to look at your pictures while we talk about you (mostly we say good things).

Today I have Madeline's fourth birthday party to attend. Although I know she will be so disappointed to learn that it's me instead of you. Ha ha.

I got my tests graded, laughing through much of the process, and the papers as well. Now I am doing my usual prep for Sunday and my class prep as well. This week we are just covering early Renaissance.

I hope you are well. I can't wait to see you tomorrow night. I imagine that you are thrilled to drive all the way back.

Love you,

P.S. Dad wants to know what you thought of his joke from yesterday.
P.S.S. What do you want to do for Halloween?

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