Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fall Morning in Wyoming

Eric has the day off so we were off to a slightly later than usual start to our morning. We had breakfast and then decided to go for a little morning stroll along the river. Rumor has it that the fall colors are at their peak right now so we had to go and see for ourselves.




one leaf





We just took a leisurely stroll along the path. The wind was blowing, the trees were multicolored, it was beautiful.


What are your plans today?


Robin said...

Getting my new bracelets listed!!! Got the crafty fever going on!

AKM said...

Ahh! Baby in the sunshine, wearing plaid and a hat! What cute pictures!

I am going to spend the evening relaxing, as I have a lot planned this weekend. I haven't seen my dog nephew in forever, so I might go see him tonight. I guess I'll talk to my brother and his girlfriend while I'm over there. ;-) Tomorrow is fibro support group and Trader Joe's, and either tomorrow and/or Sunday is heavy-duty paper-writing time.

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Those photos are beautiful, and the first one is just adorable! The Hubs and I are going down to visit his family for the weekend.

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