Saturday, October 16, 2010


Our computer is on its last wheezing breath. So is our external hard drive. Currently Eric is doing some sort of major transfer that I do not completely understand. All I know is that things are running very slowly-- we're waiting for megabytes to transfer from point A to point B, or something, and I cannot access or upload any photos beyond those photos which are already located on our desktop.

Easy enough I thought, I will just find a few cool photos on our desk top and write a blog post around them...or at least that's what I though until I saw what is stored on our desktop.

So I have no idea why this is on our computer. I guess we can just wonder what Eric was up to.

Here is a photo of the two of us at a gallery opening a couple of years back.

Funny Dog Sign
Here is an image that Eric used to make a sign reminding our neighbors to pick up after their pups.

So I guess we'll just pretend this is a normal blog post. How about you just share with me some of the weird stuff that's saved on your desktop so I can feel like we've got an honest to goodness blog post here. Then we'll put our heads down and move forward, never looking back on this particular post.


Momma CupKate said...

Oh my stars, this is what I've been doing for the past few months! It's such a challenge. I'm an Awful photographer, (and seem to have gotten worse since I've made dear friends with an exceptionally talented photographer 4 years ago.) Yet I miss putting my own pictures up! Sonny-bunny is so much bigger than the pictures on my computer allow and Sweetheart has taken off all his lovely hair. Sigh. Here's hoping for some sort of camera-to-computer miracle for me, lol.

Tammie said...

HA. i love monorail cat.

also, our desktop is dying too. (i think we're going to end up getting a new one around christmas time, sort of as a big gift for the whole family.) anyway, it makes a horrible wheezing noise all the time so we now all refer to it as "old wheezy."

i have a small laptop that i use most of the time and i dont mind sharing it with the family, but when its in use everyone complains about having to go use "old wheezy."

Sarah said...

Maria, you are so funny, I like it :) My desktop currently holds a prismatic colour diagram from 1900, some picture of quilts and a recipe for home made laundry powder. I wish it had a cat monorail...

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I recognize that photo from Gallery 023! It was my first and last adventure as a curator (so far) :)

sophie said...

I am an obsessive desk top tidy-er uper-er...does that make sense? I am forever deleting pictures and files to keep it clean (cause my house is always a mess at least the desk top is clean)

E.K. said...

Monorail Cat is an inside joke with an Ukrainian friend of mine. Weird, I know.

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

hahahha. This post is great. I love the Monorail cat! It reminds me of the Totoro Cat Bus :)
good luck with the computer!

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