Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

You're on your way home as I write this. We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival, even though it's about a bazillion hours from now. I hope you're having a nice drive, even though you don't have me there to discuss zombie invasions. I bet you're still thinking about it.

We are just hanging out with my family. I have been reading my new Kindle and it's awesome! I just love it, thanks again. Now I am all jazzed up to clear out some of the books (non special edition of course) and make our lives a bit more simple.

She is tired of waiting for you to come home

Anyway, I am so excited to hear more about your trip. I will see you soon!



Tammie said...

love that picture.

Robin said...

Did you go a little bit crazy with Eric not there?

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