Sunday, October 17, 2010

Make Your Own Black Bean Burgers

Rcently AKM asked me if I make my own veggie burgers and the truth is that I am often too busy (lazy) to make my own, but sometimes I do. Last night was one such night because I happened to have some buns that needed eatin' and the right amount of leftovers to make a proper burger.

First I grabbed my food processor. I tossed in a can of black beans, about 1/4 c. walnut bits, two slices of toast (ground into bread crumbs), a shake of cumin, and garlic powder too.


I pulsed it for a bit in the food processor, not too much as I wanted it with a bit of texture. Next I looked through our fridge for odds and ends. Last night I added 1/2 c. chopped mushrooms only. However any veggie can be added (tip: if the veggie is tough just sautee it for a few minutes before adding to the mix). Finally I added a generous splash of barbecue sauce because it sounded good. I pulsed the food processor just until everything was well mixed.


Then I started some olive oil over medium high heat in my skillet. I grabbed a handful of the bean mixture, formed it into a ball and pressed it in flour. A little flour adds a crispiness to the burger as it is heating. (Tip the more compact the burger the better it will keep its shape) I plopped the patties into the skillet and let them go until they could be easily flipped and crisped on the other side (don't hover, it takes a little bit of time).

black bean burger

Remember veggie patties are sometimes a bit crumbly, just takes practice to get it right, but either way they taste yummy!


Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Those look so good! whenever I make veggie burgers they turn out slightly mushy, but those look FANTASTIC...will have to try them out.

Robin said...

I love black bean burgers!

AKM said...

Those sound awesome, and fairly quick and easy! I'll definitely have to try 'em. Thanks!

sophie said...

YUMO! I make our burgers here and I am always rummaging through the fridge and cupboard for little tasty extras!

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