Friday, October 22, 2010

A Mind of Her Own

Cordelia has developed a mind of her own. I imagine she's had it all along, but lacked the ability to express her will until recently. First it started when she would wander over to the record player and bounce, insisting that we turn some music on. Then she started bringing me a hat and saying, "Hat?" I quickly learned that this meant she wanted me to put the hat on her head--not mine. What she can't yet express in words she manages to convey through a complicated series of gestures and grunts. Earlier this week she used this system to convey to me that she wanted a bowl of cereal, it was kind of amazing.

One sock

Most recently she has been bringing a single sock or a single shoe and insisting that I put them on her feet, then she proudly parades about, happy with her own personal style. I looove seeing what kids want to wear and I am thrilled to oblige Cordelia. I enjoy any opportunity, even a tiny one like this, to foster her creativity!


Momma CupKate said...

Sonny-bunny's go to outfit:
*Batman Rain boots (we live in NM)
*Spiderman pyjama shirt (1 size too small)
*Skinny jeans
*2 different colored green soccer socks pulled over his jeans (He does not play soccer, by the by)
*A pink/purple/silver bucket hat.

I too appreciate his individuality. ... Usually.

Tammie said...

yay! dont you love seeing their personalities develop like that? my daughter wears some strange get ups but i love seeing it.

Sarah Kramer said...


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