Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mystery Tea

A couple of weeks ago my friend Sarah called me up and invited me to attend a mystery tea with her. Neither of us really knew what it was all about, but we decided we were game for pretty much anything. Sarah is a super considerate girl and she called in advance to let them know I was vegan (my plan was just to enjoy tea and assume I wouldn't partake in any potential eating).

When she talked to the organizer she said, "Just so you know, my friend is vegan."

The lady asked, "So now is that her first name or her last name?"

Needless to say I didn't expect much and I was perfectly OK with that.

The mystery tea was held at an historic house here in my town. We were ushered into what was once a sitting room, but had been set up with several tables. The tables were spread throughout the first floor of the house and each was set with a unique china setting, our table had glass dinnerware, not actually china.

Photo taken with camera phone

The mystery tea was run by people who are in some way affiliated with the historic house. Just guessing here, but the median age was probably 65ish. There were a couple of other young women, but they seemed to be with a grandparent. Sarah and I were delighted, we knew we were in for something different!

Sarah, photo taken with camera phone

They served mini-sandwiches (they called them sandwitches) to everyone, but they brought me out a plate of fresh veggies. Not exactly a filling meal, but I appreciated the effort. When we were done eating Sarah whispered to me," I wonder if there is going to be a mystery or if this is all we are doing."

me at mystery tea
Me, photo taken with camera phone

Before I could answer one of the women running the show stood up, script in hand, and started reading and acting. One by one various people stood up and talked about how they couldn't have been involved in the death of The Earl of Grey (get it?) even though they stood to inherit a small fortune when he passed away. The suspects were a cousin, a girlfriend, a dog trainer, a housekeeper, a decorator, a personal trainer, and his personal secretary. We listened as each of the women stood up and read their script with gusto and we laughed at their "jokes".

Sarah whispered,"Do you think they're going to give any clues so we can figure out who the killer is?"

The answer was no, we just listened to each monologue and then wrote down on a piece of paper who we thought might be the killer---no clues to speak of. We didn't care at all, the acting had been treat enough! They also served scones (not vegan, too bad), pomegranate pop, and some other little sweets.

We had a wonderful time at this very unusual event. I don't know about you, but I love giving in to odd or unique experiences and just taking them for what they are.

Although Sarah and I did get enthused about hosting our own murder mystery night, with all the fixin's. Have you ever done anything like that?


AKM said...

I went to a murder mystery dinner at a B&B once. It was set in the 1920s with gangsters and gun molls. It was pretty fun!

Clare said...

So...who WAS the killer??

Maria Rose said...

Clare, the killer was Willa the personal trainer.

Stacy said...

See, that sounds like a wonderful day! I like mystery tea. And you should totally do a murder mystery dinner. I've often thought of doing one myself.

Robin said...

That big hotel that we went to in Cloudcroft?? I have always wanted to go back to there and do the mystery weekend! But... I know Chico does it too.

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