Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift to Myself

I recently mentioned that my mother and I are busy working on our own little online shop. We are planning to offer handmade items as well as repurposed and vintage finds. Since my mother is still unable to work she's been crafting up a storm at her home. I have been fitting in moments of craftiness during the busy business of day to day life.


Sometimes I can forget how restorative it is to be creative, just the simple act of making things rather than taking them or buying them. I tend to mindlessly create, but lately I have been doing it with intention, planning it and fitting it in between other obligations and planned events. Crocheting in the car, sewing while Cordelia is playing, planning as I am laying awake in bed.

I have been spread a little thin lately and this has just been something of a gift to myself, the gift of creating. Futhermore, I am working on this project with my mother! We've been researching, supply hunting, sharing ideas, etc. What a gift!

What creating have you been up to?


Tammie said...

i really miss it when i dont have a bit of craft time. even if its just a few moments.

lately, ive been working on scarves for the family.

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

It is wonderful that you are creating more. I feel so blessed everyday to be able to create. Is your shop up yet?

I am working on a slew of things, but mostly trying to get my illustrated calendar done.

AKM said...

I NEED to be creating scrumptious vegan meals at home. Sadly, all of my creating lately consists of papers for school. ;-)

You will post a link to your shop when it's ready, yes? Grazie!

sophie said...

We have been in our rented home for 4 years and it still doesn't fell like a home to us yet...Do you have much freedom to be creative in your space? We find the rules of a rental so restrictive.

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