Thursday, November 11, 2010

Super Stat Thursday

Footy pints

Outside: I fear that it is winter here now. Sure, there will still be some warm days, but we've started the freezing time of year. The bonus to the cold is that there are lots of opportunities to cuddle up under a blanket with a cup of hot vegan cocoa!

Busy: My mother and I have been busting our humps with every spare second dedicated to our shop, which will open next month. Yesterday I spent most of the day making adorable purses. I can't wait for you to see them. My mother and I are also busy with all that the shop entails: photos, tags, pricing, business cards, etc. We are starting to get quite a massive pile going.

Listening to:
Florence and the Machine, The Wild Beasts, Talking Heads, Credence Clear Water Revival, Sparks, T-Rex.

Eating: Vegan mac and cheese for dinner, vegan waffles and scrambled tofu with oj for breakfast.

I am currently considering a pumpkin spice cookie as a 9am snack. Getting my hair layered or something, my hair wants to be curly I think and all of the length really doesn't help the situation...or I could chop it all off.

Planning: To have lunch with Eric and my parents and Cordelia. My mother and I will find some more supplies and return home, inspired to create.

Watching: I recently watched the movie The Road, having read the book. I think it was a decent movie. Also, watched the movie Splice...worse than I could have imagined-there is a dancing scene with a mutant girl and Adrien Brody-enough said.

What have you got going on?


AKM said...

Vegan cocoa sounds GOOD. I just get choco soy milk and heat it up. I'm lazy. ;-) I'm also excited that it's soy nog time...almost! I never let myself participate until Thanksgiving.

So excited about your upcoming wares!

I'm having dinner tonight with friends...General Wang's Tofu! Goodness, it's yummy.

See, I've just gotta move out West...snow already! Bring it on!

affectioknit said...

We had just a skiff of snow this morning - not the 3 inches predicted...

Robin said...

I am so in love with Florence at the moment. She is amazing!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Oh my GOD! T.REX is one of my favorite bands...just love Marc Bolan. Sounds like you are having a fun mixture of stuff going on. I can't believe you have snow already!

The hubs and I recently have been getting really into crossword puzzles and having tea time at 10 pm.

elizabeth said...

o.k. go for the cookie! :)

and about the hair? your hair is so.pretty. long . . . but i'm having lots of fun with mine short . . .

have a happy friday. :)

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