Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday was the first real snow of the season. Technically we had a skiff a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday there was some honest to goodness accumulation on the ground. I always feel sort of jarred when winter hits, like I've crash landed on a strange (but somehow familiar) planet. I hunted for the winter gear and we spent the day coming and going.

Later, we had a super garlicky dinner. I only used one clove, but it was like a super clove and our whole house reeked of garlic. We didn't have time to dwell on it though, because I had a class to teach and I had a guest lector...Eric!

Eric dropped me off at work where I administered a test. He continued on with Cordelia who was to spend a couple of hours hanging out with her Grandma. Eric returned to my class and we waited as my students completed their tests. While we waited we passed little notes. I also noticed that some of our garlicky dinner had clung to us and I hoped we weren't those weird people that stink up a joint...who knows.

The students completed their tests and patiently waited for the whole group to be done. I noticed them all giving Eric the once over. They were curious about the spouse of their teacher. I totally remember that feeling from when I was a student.


After all of the tests were in Eric gave a presentation on Japanese woodblock prints (he has a small collection). My students were all quite interested and seemed to enjoy the lecture. I had such fun watching Eric in action, he's such a smartie pants.

When we wrapped it all up one of my students stopped by to tell Eric that she really enjoyed his lecture. She mentioned how she loved the change from the very Western focus of much of art history. Obviously she had a point, but a little bit of my heart sunk because that's what my class has been...following along with the textbook recommended by the school. I didn't have much time to feel sorry for myself because she then launched into a super compliment about how much she's enjoyed and learned in my class. She also mentioned practical applications in her daily life!!

My heart soared. I know it's totally cheesy, but that is kinda what I'm like. I worry about how much my students are retaining, how interested they are, etc. I mean it's a 3 hour lecture course, at night, with slides...that is just asking for a student to fall asleep (but none have). Anyway, it's not like I am teacher of the year, but it sure was a great confidence booster to learn that something is getting through! I only wish I had given my professors more feedback. I never even considered that they cared what I thought as a student.

We left class together, both of our egos glowing just enough to keep us warm from the first very cold night as we went to collect our daughter.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I noticed the garlic on Cordelia. Was it wrong that I called her "little Garlic breath?"

Maria Rose said...

Ha ha!

Tammie said...

both of my kids love hummus and my daughter especially started eating it really early. i remember my dad visiting when she was about a year old and saying, "why does my granddaughter smell like garlic?"

so glad your class is going well.

Stacy said...

Yay you... of course people like your class!

AKM said...

I loved my Art 111 class. I'm sure yours would be even better!

And hey, a little garlic breath never hurt anybody! Except maybe a vampire.

Robin said...

I would LOVE to be one of your students!

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