Wednesday, December 29, 2010

About Her and Also a Bit About Moles...

I am regularly asked about my little girl and how she's growing and changing. Let me tell you she's been developing new skills, interests, quirks and charms on a daily basis! Today I thought I would cover a few of her new skills here.

Hugging Bee

She is talking a lot. He first sentence was, "I love you!" She has a large vocabulary at this point. I can't even count how many words she knows. She's learning new words every day. We are noticing that she is a bit shy when trying out a new word; she will blush and whisper each new word until she becomes comfortable with it.


Hugging Globe

The drama with the dog water dish continues. Last week she poured it over all over the kitchen floor (problematic because she immediately slips and wipes out--tears and wailing ensue) for the 9 qua-billionth time. I experimented with a little time out, about 30 seconds in her crib. When that was over we went back to the water dish. I pointed at the bowl and said, "No, no." She picked right up on this and started pointing and saying, "Nah nah." Now she does this quite regularly and since then she only poured it out once while wagging her finger and saying "Nah nah." She has even woken from a dead sleep wagging her finger and saying "Nah nah," before she even opens her eyes.


Hugging Bee

Most recently her father taught her the word mole. Oh man, now she likes to point at moles and proudly announce, "MOLE". We are just waiting for the first time she points out a mole on a stranger.
Reminds me of this...


sophie said...

What a cutie. She looks so grown up in your photos. It's really hard disciplining at such a young age but it sounds like you have that sorted-good idea!!

Robin said...

I spy with my little eye... a Montana book!

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