Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The other day Eric and I were driving around talking as Cordelia slept in the car seat. We looked back at her and naturally our conversation turned to this little person who is so very important to us.

Looking Sweet

I mentioned something about the fact that she is entering into her childhood. We both realized just how very powerful that is. A childhood impacts our entire lives. What kind of a childhood does any child deserve? How can I make her childhood a strong and joyful time so that it will be a foundation for a fulfilled life?


What do Eric and I want for her? What does she deserve? What does she need? Of course there is really no way to gauge that kind of thing, but I do know a few things that I want for her:


Family: I want her to have loving and supportive relationships with her family. I want her to feel their encouragement from all directions so that there is always someone to listen, someone to love and someone willing to be there for her.


A home: I want her to have a place that she can go, a place that feels like home. I long for it myself, but I want her to have it. Currently we don't have a home, but at the very least I can give her a sense of home while we wait for our forever home.


Fun: I want her to have fun. Fun with us, fun with her friends, fun by herself.

Looking at Bum

Playing with Bee

Opportunities to Learn: I want her to be in awe of the world. To learn and to love learning. She seems to be imbued with a natural curiosity and it is most certainly our job to foster that.

What do you think is essential to a good childhood?


Robin said...

Montana!!! (wink, wink)

Maria Rose said...

Robin, trust me I want to be there!!!

Anonymous said...

She does have a home. Home is where your people are, where you feel you belong. It rarely is the same building for a lifetime.

AKM said...

Love from family and friends, healthful food, lots of books, lots of giggles, and a model of a good marriage from his/her parents. I'm sure Cordelia's all set. :-)

kirsten said...

Love & happiness

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

Difficult times, I feel, are truly essential. Everyone needs to learn problem solving, self-reliance, how to make do without, and how to fail with grace and humility. I don't wish for crushing hardships for my child, but I do want her to struggle enough to appreciate the times when she has it easy, to suffer enough that she'll know how to be truly grateful, and to lose sometimes so she can learn empathy for others.

elizabeth said...

you've got a list going that is so similar to what ben and i want for our children . . . and i agree with :common fairy: some difficulty and learning how to fail with grace - within the safety of mom and dad's love . . . what more valuable lesson could on learn?

you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Laughter, music, art projects, spirituality and love, love, love.


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