Friday, December 3, 2010


Last night we decided it was time for Christmas decorating. Eric went into our storage closet and for a while we lost him amidst the stacks of art work, but eventually he emerged with a big silver tub aptly labeled Christmas Decor.

I had visions in my mind of a super fancy, perhaps with a color scheme, Christmas-y house. Just something that would take Martha Stewart's breath away. When I opened the box I was reminded that we have strange decorations which I can break into three categories. 1) Sentimental items that come in a variety of styles and textures; everything from antique bulbs to handmade childhood ornaments. 2) Weird stuff that I have no connection to, but never seem to get rid of. 3) Stuff that I have gathered because I love it.

First I should give you a little perspective...we have a tiny Christmas "tree" that we purchased for our 1st married Christmas, I'd say it's about 2 ft. high.

We began to unpack the decorations and I realized that there is no way that our decor is ever going to have a unifying color or stylistic theme. Obviously it's not really in my blood. Once everything was all set up it was perfect in that it is just our style. Bits of our personal histories and bits of our shared history.





Have you decorated yet? What is your decorating style?


AKM said...

I don't actually decorate, but I love the eclectic nostalgic style way better than a coordinated matchy-matchy Martha style. ;-)

Robin said...

That tree is cute!

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

My mom has gotten Alex and I his & hers ornaments every year of our marriage and three years ago she included Wendy in the mix as well. It's one of my absolute favorite holiday "traditions". I'm always eager to see what theme our family or ornaments will be each year. (Last year we all got ginger cookie folk!)

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