Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gallery Night

Last night I was watching the weather report on the news and the weather gal brought up a map of the country dotted with different temperatures and our little Wyoming town was the coldest at -5 F. I thought to myself no sane person would venture out in that weather.


Fast forward 20 minutes and I was bundling up my girl and myself headed out for a gallery opening. Eric pre-heated the car for his ladies so all we had to do was make a dash from the door to the car and then the car to the gallery. I naturally had to wear high heels and didn't think about it until I was standing on an icy sidewalk, but then I pretended my heel was one intense snow spike and it worked well for me.

We went downtown and had to lurk for a bit until we found close parking. We ran into the gallery and were blasted with a wave of heat, sweet mercy. Eric had an amazing collage piece (click here to see Story Time and other collages) entered into this show so we really had to brave the arctic weather and make an appearance.

the show

The turnout was massive considering the weather, there were people all over the place. My parents and a few friends showed up to see the show. We did a little chatting and such, but like Cinderella we had limited in only a window of time before sweet Cordelia would have to go to sleep.

Gallery opening


Eric at the show

So we worked our way to the door and made our exit. We drove around chatting and looking at Christmas lights until we decided to head home. We settled in for a movie night, Cordelia fast asleep. We watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Have you seen it? There is a scene that involves the vegan police, made us laugh so hard!

What did you do last night?


Tammie said...

sounds like a fun night, despite the cold. i love that you take the babe to this sort of thing.

i want to see scott pilgrim, its on my list.

Helena said...

We have quite a winter here too. What's the box beneath the collage? Is it part of the work?

Maria Rose said...

Helena, the box was another piece by a different artist.

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

I thought 20 degrees was bad! Looks like a fun night despite the freezing cold. You made me want to see that movie!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

congrats on the show- it looks like it was fun :) I am trying to imagine walking in heels in winter and I think that you are very brave (I am scared to death of walking on ice!)

Scott Pilgrim is SO funny. The hubs and I saw it when it came out and laughed throughout the whole movie.

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

My brother & several of his friends all dressed up at the evil exes from that movie for this Halloween past...

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