Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Low Down

Christmas Eve
Friday was Christmas Eve. Our usual Christmas Eve events unfolded as planned. We spent the day completing final preparations. We even ventured to the mall. Whoa, have you ever been there on Christmas Eve, it's cray-zay! Thankfully we were only there to get coffee and that was a speedy procedure.

We returned home for cleaning and getting gussied up (as they say in Wyoming). We had a Christmas Eve service at 5:30. So we had some snacks and got into our dress up gear. Now, I don't really consider myself a girlie-girl because I generally take about 15 minutes to get dressed for the fanciest occasions and 5 minutes on a normal day, but I really do like getting dressed up.

With Grandpa
Cordelia with her pastor/Grandpa

We went to the candlelight service and Cordelia was obsessed with the lights on the tree. She was into the music and she was a bit noisy, but she's little it happens. After the service we took some photos and headed home.

Nativity Kissing
Cordelia kissing the nativity while her gorgeous grandma looks on

Normally we go out for Chinese food, but this year we had it delivered. My parents and youngest brother Sam all came to our place and enjoyed some vegan Chinese food (sweet and sour tofu yummmm). Cordelia put on a massive cute show and we were all amazed at how well she was holding up past her bed time. The moment my family left she had a complete meltdown and fell fast asleep.

Eric and I watched Sixteen Candles and went to sleep.

X-mas eve collage
Christmas Eve collage
Christmas Day
We woke up late Christmas morning, late meaning 8am-ah thank you ah very ah much! We opened a few gifts at our house before heading over to my parents around 9:30am.

Opening her Gifts
Cordelia opening her gifts

We opened stockings. My mother still does stockings for all of her kids, it's kind of awesome. Then on to gift giving and merry making. Cordelia was thrilled by her gifts and their boxes. She enjoyed tearing the wrapping paper into tiny bits.

Bumblebee Jumping for Joy
Bumblebee was really excited

So was Eric

Too excited
So was I

After the awesome gift giving we had breakfast. My mother made vegan caramel rolls (oh yes they are so good). Then we headed back to our place with our loot for a little r & r. Cordelia napped and we began to go through our gifts. I tried out my new knitting book while Eric set up the Wii.

Dragon Masj
Eric showing Cordelia the dragon mask given to him by my brother Ben (thanks Ben).

x-mas day collage
Christmas collage

Later we went back to my parent's house and Eric helped Sam set up his weight bench while my mom and I worked on lunch (she did all of the work I just made tofurkey). We all ate until we were nearly ill and then we ate dessert.

Christmas Dinner
Christmas dinner

Finally we returned home. Cordelia slept while Eric and I watched a movie. Then Cordelia got a holiday second wind (which lasted until nearly midnight) and enjoyed watching Eric and I play Wii.

My terrarium
A gift from my husband

The day was calm and lovely. How did you spend your Christmas?


Keia Kato-Berndt said...

So beautiful! I am glad you had a wonderful time :)

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas! Ours was nice too. I like the idea of Chinese food and Sixteen Candles on Christmas Eve! We spent Christmas Eve eating vegan cookies and watching Christmas movies.

sara said...

looks like a wonderful christmas!

i love how calmly cordelia is checking out that dragon mask. my little ones would be freaking out! :)

Veggie Tales said...

Too many funny photos...Eric jumping,Bumblebee, the dragon. Your Christmas didn't look too calm.

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