Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part II: Small Town

While I have lived in both cities and small towns I cannot forget that my first home, in Montana was here on a farm in neither a town nor a city.


I don't actually remember living there, though we've visited the place throughout my entire life. I tend to think that I am neither city nor small town, but perhaps like Marie Osmond--a little bit country. Sorry.

Anyway I long for a life that moves with the seasons. Winter days sitting inside with the family playing games, summer days outdoors working and having a relationship with the land. A different pace sounds just right to me.


E.K. said...

So daily arctic blasts of 50-60 mph winds are not part of your ideal setting?

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

thanks for the links to the gnocchi!

I had a large struggle with what I was up until last year when I moved to Maryland. I am a college town kind of person- I like to live in a small town, but able to access everything by walking, and public transit into a larger city if I chose to go there on a whim. I by no means live in a place like this now, but I sure do miss it.

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