Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow Day

Winter is upon us and lest we become jealous of the storms out east we have been given a big snow storm here in Wyoming.

Yesterday was windy, really windy, there were ominous clouds lurking above the mountains. They rested there all day, darkening and looking meaner by the hour. Eric and I went and watched Black Swan (have you seen it?) and the storm still had not made its appearance. The temperature plummeted and night came, but no storm. We went to bed as the wind howled outside and our heater rumbled quietly inside.

winter trees
Winter trees

I awoke in the night and there was silence. The kind of silence that happens only during snowfall. I didn't get up to check, but I knew the clouds had finally made their way over our town and were letting loose on us. Around five this morning I could hear the familiar sound of the snowplow scraping down our street.

Fresh snow

When the sky lightened I opened the curtains and sure enough we had a fresh covering of snow and it is still falling as I type, hot chocolate sitting next to me. The snow is supposed to continue for at least another day. We are prepared. We have a fridge full of fresh groceries and cold weather treats, we've got entertainment and projects galore.

hot chocolate
Vegan hot chocolate

So we are going to spend the day indoors. We probably won't get out of our comfy clothes, if we even bother to dress. We will sit in front of the space heater to take the edge off after quick trips to take Bumblebee outside.

space heater
Holmes, our space heater

Cordelia is on the go, wearing her pajamas and getting into mischief. She is happy to have her parents around to entertain/entertain her.

Busy girl on the go

cordy and Bee
Cordelia and Bumblebee

My plans are to do a little cleaning, baking, sewing, art, play, listening to music and enjoying a day with my little family.

What is it like where you are?


affectioknit said...

Exactly the same here - except we still have a lot of wind blowing the snow around...and we're due for another hit Friday night - so no New Year's Eve parties this year...just a quiet one at home...I'm looking forward to that...

Stacy said...

Our snow is beginning to melt. It should be gone by the end of the week.

bel said...

We had a fun day after Christmas in the snow, and our uncommon December snow is finally almost melted. Usually it's gone, or mostly gone, by the end of the day after it falls. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the 60s and rainy so no more snow days for us... for a while...

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