Friday, December 17, 2010

Ten Things About Ben

I have a brother Ben. He and his wife Sara live in a volcano, Or wait, I mean a place that is as hot as a volcano---Arizona. I have not had a chance to visit him in their new home and life. Traveling with our entourage is rather complicated, but we are working on it. Until then I think about him all the time. Just so happens that I am thinking about Ben this morning. I thought I'd share 10 things about Ben with you, since you know about every other member of my family.

Ben and Red Rocks

  1. Ben loves to have fun. He is always ready to do something bizarre (chopping melons with machetes, rowing across enormous lakes on a whim, random last minute travel choices), anything for fun.
  2. When he was little he thought he could run faster than cars, perhaps he still does.
  3. He is a professional. He has a career, he knows how to do his job well and there is truly no limit to his professional potential.
  4. That said--- he's still Ben, he has a ping pong room in his house instead of a family room.
  5. He's kind. One summer we were out driving and a truck was on the side of the road, their load had spilled on the highway. Without a thought Ben pulled over and helped the man gather his stuff. He's just that way, but he doesn't think he is.
  6. He's outdoorsy! He loves to hike and explore and run.
  7. He is super loyal. He has had friendships that have lasted most of his life.
  8. He is a great uncle. He hasn't gotten to spend a ton of time with Cordelia, but when he arrives it is a whirlwind of fun for Cordelia.
  9. While I didn't know it as a child I can now say that Ben was my first friend. We've had such fun together (we also argued, like siblings) and many of my memories involve some nonsense that Ben and I did together.
  10. He is so in love with his wife!

So, there is a look at my brother who I am missing today.


AKM said...

Mad props to awesome brother Ben! Will you get to see him over the holidays?

Maria Rose said...

Sadly, he will stay in AZ for the holidays, but my Grandma will be there too!

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