Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Does Your Night Look Like This?

Last night I had Cordelia down for the night at around 8pm. Around 9 pm she woke up, ready to go. UGH! So Eric and I tried to set a super mellow mood in an attempt to keep her calm. For the record she was running around screaming gleefully.

Eventually Cordelia wandered over to the record player and pointed repeatedly. I asked her, "Do you want to listen to music?" She answered by jumping up and down as though she were dancing. Next she ran and grabbed her ladybug pillow pet (a gift from her grandparents). I was confused and she started whining, the kind of whine that comes from frustration. I knew she was trying to tell me something and was not quite able to.

"She wants you to turn on the music and dance while holding her and the ladybug," Eric said.

Apparently the two of them had started this ritual and I didn't notice their little thing. So I did as instructed and she settled in hugging her ladybug and listening to music. She zoned out and I thought "Hot Dog, she's going to fall asleep!" I was wrong.

Ladybu Dance

Girls and a Ladybug

Lady Bug, Cordelia and I

Eventually we turned out the lights and she whispered in the dark, pointing and talking in the mysterious baby language late into the night. Good thing she is crazy cute when she whispers. What were you up to last night?


AKM said...

Hee, you just might have a true night owl on your hands. Love her jammies!

Last night I watched three episodes of "Intervention" and played Sudoku whilst the wind howled and the snow fell outside. Despite getting quite a bit of snow, I'm at work and class begins tonight.

Tammie said...

i love her pillow pet. lucy has the dolphin one. im not much for that kinda thing but lucy had been asking for one for months so i finally got her one for her birthday. i'll admit, it is nice and soft.

elizabeth said...

i would much rather have been dancing a snuggly, sleepless baby.

i went to the grocery store in the dark in the snow. then i listened as my husband vented about some tough stuff in his family. thankfully some of the stuff had gotten resolved last night in a phone conversation while i was gone . . . but . . .

anyway - i was thankful to be back home in our warm house with my husband. :)

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