Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Entertain Your Baby and Husband

Yesterday Cordelia and I were feeling a little cooped up. So I decided to break out the rice box. What is the rice box?

Well, I can't take credit for this, my friend Sarah gave it to Cordelia for her 1st b-day. She dyed the rice (not really something she can easily choke on) in various fun colors, put it into a box, added some scoops, lids, spoons, etc. Voila a huge box-o-entertainment.

Now I must say that this makes a huge mess, but it is easily swept up after the play. I take the approach that Cordelia shouldn't (in this instance) worry about keeping the place spotless, her job is to play and explore---mine is to facilitate.

Playing in the rice

Fully Engrossed
Fully engrossed in play

Tiny hands, exploring

In the box
In the box

We threw rice, buried stuff, and dug like dogs in the rice. Before I knew it there was rice everywhere in the kitchen and an hour had passed, fun for both of us. I swept up in 5 minutes and then it was time to entertain the hubby....He got his new drum set yesterday. 13 years to get there, but we did it!

Opening Drums
Eric with his new drum set
How do you keep the kiddos entertained?


affectioknit said...

FUN! we had a big underbed bin filled with different dried beans when Scout was little - he played with his 'diggers' in it and it was so much fun! Congratulations on the new drums - they look beautiful!

Momma CupKate said...

In therapy, we have a bean box. Many objects are hidden in the beans and the kiddos find them; facilitates language and is also great fun.

Th3 Black Hole said...

Now that we are in Arizona - it's way easier! We jump on the trampoline for 18 hours a day! :D

bel said...

My kiddos would be completely entertained with the boxes Eric's drums came it!

Blossom said...

OMG! This pictures are soooo cute! Your daughter is such a doll! :) And you hubby is definately a catch. ;)

Emily said...

I worked at a Montessori for several years and we had a rice box (or table) in every room. Tactile learning is important! Messy yes, but lots of fun!

Roxann said...

I used to put oatmeal in a big baking tray and my boys used to drive their mini matchbox bulldozers around and make roads. The rice box brings back memories, my boys are in their 20's now.

elizabeth said...

ooo! the new drum set is awesome!

my kiddos are old enough for legos now - hours and hours of fun there!

sophie said...

It's school holidays here and I am going a little bit mad. We have been going to the beach but it's also been really rainy so finding indoor activities is hard when you have kids who love to be outside. A good movie is fun, cooking with the kids too is good, getting out magazines to cut up, glitter, glue, anything to make collages...all a little old for Cordelia though unfortunately.

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