Monday, January 10, 2011

Independence/ Interdependence--Message for Hannah S.

Yesterday I was listening to a radio interview with a woman who had spent a month in complete isolation with the hope of realizing her own independence and personal strength. She concluded her interview by saying that she had essentially realized the opposite. She realized that the place she was staying, the car she had driven, the thoughts she was having---all depended on others.

Just the day before Eric and I had been talking about independence and how we thought having a child had made us more independent, helped us to find inner strength we didn't know we had. I thought about that conversation as I listened to the radio interview and I realized that we had it all wrong, or at least we had the wrong word. I think perhaps we are carrying our own weight more, or relying on others a bit less...

Anyway, this time of year with the frigid cold, I can't help but think about just how dependent we are on others. The power company to keep us warm, the manufacturers of our car-our clothes-and on and on. With that thought I don't really feel disappointed that I am not independent at all, but rather thankful to be a part of something bigger and more important than myself.

I watched out the window this morning as Eric cleared the snow off the frozen car. Thinking about interdependence (because I am totally deep like that) and I looked at Bumblebee who seems to have some idea that she is totally dependent. Then I looked at Cordelia who has no idea and I felt very thankful for the nameless, faceless numbers of people who have unknowingly contributed to our lives. Keeping us safe and warm on cold winter mornings.

***Hannah S. I hear that you read my blog! I hope you are having a warm summer day on the other side of the world!

Winter Morning

Clearing the car
Clearing the car

Looking for dad
Watching out the window

Snow on the ground
Snow on the ground

playing by herself
Totally Oblivious

Snoy Road
Picture of the road


E.K. said...

Dang, Bee has some demon nails! Yikes, Freddy called, he wants his glove back.

Momma CupKate said...

A) The little lady Cordelia has the cutest jammies Ever!
B) This has been a recent topic at our house. Before Sweetheart and I began dating, my family consisted of my little son and myself. I hung my own pictures, made holidays with only 2 people special, attended to the clunks and clinks of my car and a multitude of other things. Now, with Sweetheart as my willing and ever-present partner, I have so easily and so quickly become dependent on him. I depend on him to vacuum, change my oil and kiss me. I depend on him to listen to my truly, impressively horrid jokes, and I depend on him to make me re-think my truly, impressively Bad ideas. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

sophie said...

You rock Maria Rose!

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