Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Lesson Learned

A week or two ago we had a friend contact us to ask if we had received a package she had send in December. We had not! A little investigation turned up the error, the package had been sent to our previous address. We contacted UPS and they confirmed that it had been delivered.

My heart sank. I sent a letter to the address asking the recipient to please give us the package. Nearly a week passed and I heard nothing. Yesterday I was mulling it over. Should I just let it go? Should I contact the police? Should I visit our old house and politely confront the person?

I had very little faith that we would ever hear from this person or our package. I wasn't really as upset about losing the package itself as I was about the thought that someone would just take it.

Then yesterday afternoon I got a phone call, I was actually thinking about the whole thing when the phone rang. I answered the phone to silence. "Hello?" Nothing. "Hello???"

A rustle of papers. "Ummm, is this Maria?"

"Yes, who is this?"

The caller identified himself as Nick. He apologized for the delayed response and said that he works out of town. He had our package and some other stuff from UPS! Wahoo!

Eric ran over and picked it up on his way home from work. I couldn't believe it, the package was unopened. The young man had simply set it aside, meaning to get to it when he was home from work (I guess he travels a lot).

We opened our gifts (which were perfectly picked out for each of us) and were thrilled in addition to the gifts, we received a little lesson on the kindness of strangers! I think perhaps Nick will soon be getting a little something from the Kindness Bandit!!!

Blocks 1
Cordelia going bananas over one of her gifts

Block 2
Really, she's cray-zay about these blocks

Blocks 3
Who wouldn't be?

Have you ever been surprised by the kindness of a stranger before?


the mountain fox said...

Those blocks look fun! Thank goodness that guy came through for you. I had a lovely experience while I was staying in Glasgow last year. It was very snowy and on our first day I headed out with Maisie in the sling and my runners got drenched. We were staying in the suburbs and I didn't really know my way around. So when i saw a bloke with a pair of welllies I asked him where he got them. He proceeded to ask me what size I was and when I told him he opened the boot of his car and handed me a pair of red wellies in my size. So cool. They were an old pair of his wife's. People can be so lovely!

affectioknit said...

That is such a sweet story! So glad you got your packages and the blocks do look like fun!

Emily said...

What a great story! That is the cutest dress Cordelia has on by the way. And she looks mighty cute in it too!

singlemama said...

I have been surprised by a stranger yes! long long time ago. in summer, on an italian island. he was dutch. I helped him taking a photo or something and got as a reward an invitation to dinner fot that night and an invitation in Holland during my study tour in Germany.

ps: the blocks, the dress and Cordelia are gorgeous. :-)

..... Carmen said...

That's so wonderful :)

I love Cordelia's outfit too btw :)

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I'm cray-zay about her outfit!

sophie said...

Hello fantastic dress on Cordelia - she looks SO CUTE!!! Those stacking boxes are great, my kids loved them too.

paola_ said...

It sometimes seems to me that strangers can show us more kindness than well known people...
Nice blog, I like it!:)

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