Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pun Laden Text Script

Eric and I are far behind the rest of the texting world. We really held out until a couple of years ago, but now we are full-fledged texters. Our texts are often just a quick "I love you." or "I miss you." Sweet stuff like that, but sometimes they go somewhere. Without further ado I give you the script of a texting saga from yesterday afternoon. Photo included.

Feel free to gather your bff and recite this in a dramatic reading and if you want to add costumes and props I will be very impressed indeed!

Eric: I love that you pack me lunches, but you've been forgetting the spoon and fork.

Me: You said that you had stuff there!

Eric: No. Just knives, which made eating lasagna interesting.

Me: Oh!

Beans and plastic knife
Texted photo of beans on a plastic knife
Eric: and beans

Me: Sorry!

Eric: Just teasing

Me: How rude!

Eric: What?

Me: Rubbing it in. A dastardly deed. Got to put C. to sleep. Enjoy your meal.

Eric: See you spoon.

Me: Forkget about it.

Eric: Cutlery it out.

Me: I knifer will.

Eric: Cleaver

Me: This is a silly spat-ula we are having.

Eric: I wouldn't tray-d it for anything.

Me: I must whisk Cordelia off to dreamland. Talk to you ladle.

Eric: Tell her a shred time story for me.

Me: Alright. I love utensil.

____End scene____

OK, so tell me honestly you totally acted that out didn't you? If not it was your loss! Do you text?


affectioknit said...

Funny! I don't text - but Scout does - and I think that's funny too...

Emily said...

Haha! I love it!

Tammie said...

ha! i love it.

Helena said...

The blog has new outfit! Nice.

Stacy said...

Very cute! A good pun is never wasted on me.

Daphne said...

That was totally adorable.

sara said...

that's so cute! i like texting. i'll be at the store and tony will send me a pic of jackson running around with his underwear on his head.

Pam Brewer said...

You two are very cleaver.

Pam Brewer said...

I just realized "cleaver" was already used. Please whisk away my mistake!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

You guys are too cute! Love it x

On my way Home... said...

that was hilarious!

Robin said...

Wouldn't it be great if life were that wonderfully commical everyday? You guys crack me up.

the mountain fox said...

Oh that just made me laugh out loud, going to have to read it for my husband!

sophie said...

so sweet! Yes I text all day, it's my mode of communication. I really don't like talking on the phone, I prefer text and email...strange I know, but I am actually a bit of an introvert so suits me :-)

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