Friday, January 28, 2011

Recurrent Theme: Birds

I think perhaps it started with Disney movies watched in my childhood, but somewhere along the way I began to believe that my whistle and a finger extended would be irresistible to birds. I am not sure what I would do if a bird were to land on my finger, but it doesn't stop me from trying. Now don't get me wrong I am not what you would call a bird enthusiast. I don't spend hours and days crouching in the underbrush noting bird calls and making migration charts. I do however seem to really like birds...Cordelia has recently started noticing birds everywhere. She points them out while we are on walks saying, "Bird, tweet, tweet."

When I look around my house I see that there are a lot birds. I don't collect birds, but somehow they seem to have covertly infiltrated my house.

Bird 2
Black and white bird

Bird 3
Art piece by Michael Copeland with bird wing

Bird 1
Key chain with picture of Eric, my cousin Erin et moi on our Caribbean cruise with a giant bird

Bird 4
Art piece by me

Bird 6
Cordelia's book

Bird 5
Japanese woodblock print

Bird 7
Owl print

Bird 8
More of my sculptures in progress

Bird 9

Bird 10

Do you have a recurrent theme?


AKM said...

Cats. I proudly own the moniker of Crazy Cat Lady. Cat mugs, cat pictures, cat calendars, cat statues, cat get the idea.

I LOVE the red and black bird piece you did. I believe I saw it on Planet Wimmer as well? Lovely.

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Maria I just love those half finished sculptures... they seem so ergonomic... as though they would fit perfectly in your hand. Are they ceramic? From the image it looks as though they are biscuit fired... with that beautiful matte surface.
I have a similar unconsious attachment with mice... have never actively sought out any connections, but they keep appearing. My blog name is actually derived from a TV program I used to watch as a child called 'Fingermouse' a little paper mouse... I used to make them constantly. Now my little girl has a toy mouse that she is inseparable from... x

Emily said...

I love birds too! But like you, I'm not sure where that originated. Just the other day I talked myself out of buying a white ceramic bird at a craft store.

Maria Rose said...

Kathryn, the birds are actually made from sculpey. I started using it a few years ago and fell in love with it. Have you tried it?

singlemama said...

I like your piece f art very much!

bel said...

Dust. I'm not trying to collect it, but if it was worth money, I'd be a wealthy woman!

elizabeth said...

i love dishes. i am always making myself leave glassware and dishes at the thrift store and at tag sales . . . because i already have so many . . .

and i really like birds, too. :) we have that kevin henkes book home from the library right now. :)

Sarah Kramer said...


Maria Rose said...

Ha ha!

sophie said...

Those little sculpted birds you are working on look really fantastic, will they be going in the shop? I can't think of a recurrent theme, I am always trying to get rid of stuff rather than accumulate more. I hope if we ever move into a bigger house I will feel more free to collect.

Lesley said...

I have a Snow White complex too!

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