Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reminders of Rose

You may recall that my Great Grandma Rose passed away last month. While she has gone, she left her family a lifetime of memories and a house full of precious stuff-or at least stuff that is precious to us. Sure it is just stuff, old and worn with the smell of Grandma Rose's house, but it seems that so many of us have attached memories to these objects.

Since she left us, family members have taken turns visiting the house to collect a few treasures, photos and more. We were all surprised to see what she had kept: books (with the name of the giver inside), letters (she had letters my mother had written as a child), photos, she even had our wedding invitation saved. Over the weekend my mother and I went through a few piles of stuff that had been set aside for us.

She was a crafter and a jewelry maker, so we were thrilled to inherit supplies and many of her handmade items. Treasures made by the woman herself. Below are just a few of the things that I hope to pass on for generations to come.


Here is some jewelry that belonged to her. Some of it she made, others she purchased or perhaps was given. The woman loved to accessorize!

Heart Pendant

This little necklace is just for Cordelia, a treasure that will someday be a link to her Great Great Grandmother!


I also received a small collection of doilies, made by her. I love to think of her, sitting in her chair, working away on these intricate beauties. I am not sure how I will put them to use into our lives, but I have a few ideas.

Blanket in use

Here is Cordelia showing how to put a treasured quilt to good use. Another item, lovingly made by my Great Grandma.


affectioknit said...

I have a treasured quilt from my Great Grandmother too - Scout uses it to snuggle on the sofa - it's so much softer than any of our other quilts...

...enjoy your treasures...

Emily said...

All beautiful things, indeed! I am sure Cordelia will treasure the heart shaped locket. And I particularly like the rose broach that is in the jewelry collection. It is both pretty and appropriate. :)

kirsten said...

That's cool that your family took turns going over to your grandmas house finding things that hold a special place. I have a super pickle that belonged to my nanny. Awesome quilt xo

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Your grandmother had nice taste in jewelry, and those doilies are lovely! It is wonderful that Cordelia will have so much history around her as she grows up :)

the mountain fox said...

I love this post. When my Granny passed away my uncle asked if I would like anything in the house. I immediately asked for her sewing box and her spice rack. Her sewing box was amazing. Full of little treasures, timeless and meaningful. I got it years ago and am still using bits and pieces from it! I'm going to post about a pair of gloves I knit my sister soon and around the edge I put a piece of lace from Granny.
It's lovely that you and your daughter will have something special to remember your Grandmother by.

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