Thursday, February 24, 2011


Recently my daughter started coloring with crayons. I lay out a piece of paper, unroll the crayon holder and let her have at it. She chatters away as she colors. Blue, brown, green are all called out proudly. She quietly ignores the word pink, though she will use the color. Her little hand deftly swipes the crayon across the paper. "Coloring," she'll say or "art mama," as she works going around the piece of paper set before her.



Eventually she will tire of drawing and she will ask me to draw for her. Truthfully she doesn't ask, she just shoves the crayons in my face and points to the paper, tapping with her index finger. I will draw flowers, birds and anything else that she might easily recognize. "Bowpers," she calls out. I understand that bowpers means flowers for this little lady.


Once we are all done with the coloring she walks over to the wall and points up to where she wants me to hang her work. "Art," she confidently states as I install the newest piece into the Cordelia gallery. We have already gotten quite a collection going, so I am starting to send out her drawings to friends and family.


What kind of creativity have you been up to?

Also, I have just started a little side blog with my mom to showcase our Wyoming Rose finds. I am currently tweaking the design, but it is up and running.We will have lots of coupons, discounts and giveaways. Please sign up to follow! Click here to check it out. Thanks!!!


Kathryn Ashcroft said...

We have been creating a cardboard car today, complete with moving parts... My daughter's (4 years old) blind faith that I can make anything for is very endearing... but does leave me sratching my head quizically sometimes x

AKM said...

What a little peach! It's so heartwarming to see the values you're instilling in, creativity, compassion, humor.

I have not been too creative lately, but I think this weekend I will get into the kitchen and make some no-bake PB oatmeal cookies!

Robin said...

I'm surprised the crayons weren't broken first off! Isn't that usually what happens?

sara said...

So cute, and I am impressed too, because it is still hard for me to get Jackson not to chew his crayons. :) He likes me to draw for him. Today we drew 7 footballs of various sizes.

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

Yay! I hope our children like to draw.

I love the daisy pin in your new blog.

Momma CupKate said...

Will the crayon holder be available from Wyoming Rose any time soon?

beautifulladybird said...

I love little hands on crayons!

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