Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Will Remember the Mood of Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon was one of those wonderful types of afternoon. There was nothing particularly memorable, no major events---unless you call a quick walk in the snow with a basset and a toddler (yes I said toddler--not baby) an event.

I will probably forget all about this specific day, but I will remember the mood. I will remember that at this time in my life I spent many afternoons in just about the same manner. We played. We colored. We rolled around on the floor. I graded papers. She slept. The animals slept. There was music. There was silence. There were tears (hers). There was laughter (ours). It was perfect because it just was, one of many for which I am thankful.


me me



What was your afternoon like?



Lindsay said...

My afternoon consisted of the following: picnics, cuddling, quiet time, family and lots of blackberries.

affectioknit said...


Stacy said...

Sadly yesterday was a grumpy day. Today, I'm again focusing on the positive happiness of life.

the mountain fox said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon! Ours had plans for a walk but a 2 and a half hour snooze happened instead....can't complain about that! We did have a few games of hide and seek and ring-a-ring-a-rosy before bed though that was fun.

elizabeth said...

oh. i love memories like that.
and times like that - isn't it nice to have a blog? so you can write it down, share it, and maybe, just maybe, lock some of that beauty into your memory for keeps.

i slept my afternoon away yesterday. i had worked the night before . . . and stayed up to do errands and hang out with my kids when i got home . . . i crawled into bed, got my pillow just right, knew that my kiddos were happily playing (i think nora the doll was baking cupcakes for the g.i.joes and they were guarding the cupcake shop . . .) and i slept. that was nice, too. :)

Momma CupKate said...

I had that today. Really it was a beautiful day. My baby boy, (who is neither a baby, nor enthusiastic about kisses in public) ran to me today when I picked him up from school (@ 1 pm because of early release!) "Momma!!!MOMMA!" Oh how I've missed that. Day only got better from there.

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