Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kindness Bandit: Library Sneaks (Bonus: Update on Big Project)


Have you ever found somebody's notes in a book that you've bought at a garage sale or used bookstore or one that you've checked out from the library? Usually the notes are kind of dull, perhaps taken for a class. I love finding a book with passages that have been underlined. I contemplate the passage, wondering why it was chosen by a mysterious reader from the book's history.


Today's Kindness Bandit was inspired by that very idea. It just so happens that I have several research books checked out through inter-library loan. The books are from Indiana, Colorado, Utah, New York and more.I thought this would be a great opportunity to spread the Kindness Bandit across the U.S. Instead of marking the pages of a library book I inserted some sticky notes on which I had written various proverbs and quotes that I like. Now, when I return the books they will carry little messages of inspiration. Who knows, maybe the notes won't be found for a decade or more!

KB Book Note

Book notess

Bonus: I just wanted to give you an update on our group project. I have received almost all of the donations, just waiting on a few more which are in transit. I should be able to deliver by next week! I can't wait to share with you just how successful this project has been!


AKM said...

What fun notes! I think I'll try that in some library books, too.

I will be mailing a package to you in a day or two. I hoped to have it sent by last week but I got behind. It's coming, though!

singlemama said...

love love love this idea!!!!! I promise I'll copy it as soon as a get next book at the library!!!! :-)

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

This is such a great idea! I ALWAYS get little notes and old library rental stubs in the books. Also, I buy from this second hand book shop and there are always dedications written in front with the dates on them. So great. It would be so nice to receive a note as kind as yours :)

Did my package get there ok? I sent it on saturday but I didn't get tracking.

Maria Rose said...

I haven't gotten it yest, but the PO was closed on Monday. I will let you know when it shows up!

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