Saturday, March 12, 2011

Almost 30

Sometime in the late 80s and early 90s there was a show called thirtysomething. I never watched it because my 10 year old self thought it was for OLD people. Now I am just about to turn 30 and after that comes thirtysomething right? According to my younger self I am officially about to become old.


I am nearing my 30th birthday (yes I will begin a new decade in one month and six days). I can't say that it's a very big deal for me, but others (named Eric) made kind of a big deal about it when they turned 30. My twenties have been pretty transformative. I entered them as an unmarried teenage girl and now I am leaving them as a woman; a wife and a mother. I am pretty darn happy to be where I am at, but with that said I want to start my new decade with a clean slate.

So I am trying to wrap up little lingering bits of my twenties so they don't haunt me in my 30s.
  • I have applied for graduation!!! I won't officially have my MA until later in the summer, but that's just a formality! Looong overdue!
  • I am wrapping up projects and commitments. Sewing projects and other odds and ends on my to do list.
  • I hope to make a final decision about whether or not we will buy a home in Wyoming or wait until Montana.
  • I am wrapping up some art projects so I can start a whole new idea in April. I am so excited about it.
  • I did my taxes yesterday!
  • Paying off all of our credit cards. We have just a wee bit more and it will all be gone.
I hope to start off my 30s with some new or revisited projects.
  • I want to start searching for a publisher for the vegan cookbook I've been writing for a small eternity.
  • New art projects. I have a big solo show in 2012!
  • Continue writing the book I started on and had to put on hold while I worked on [procrastinated about] my thesis.
  • etc.
Are you over 30? If so how was it for you, crossing over?

Are you under 30? If so are you scared to make the change?


E.K. said...

It was a blood-red moon. The banshees were screaming for the witches to return them to their once-human form. A mighty dragon slept in a mystical cave nearby along the shoreline guarding the sea of the dead. I was a wanderer at the time, searching for my destiny. I carried a small bedazzled trinket around my neck with a spell cast upon it which would keep it's contents sealed until my 30th birthday. As the moon dropped and dawn approached my necklace started to glow. Minotaurs and Centaurs surrounded me, perplexed. A small fawn whispered, "Utter these words and you shall know the answers to all your questions." He handed me a scroll with this magical phrase, "30 hands, 30 feet, 30 souls for 90 wizards to eat." At that very moment the small bejeweled necklace burst open and a smoke cloud in the form of a dragon appeared to me. I proceeded to ask all the questions I had from my 20s and I was given the answers I so desperately seeked. I can only pray you will find the same joy upon your 30th birthday.

*So yes, it was kind of a big deal for me to turn 30.

Reagan Caldwell said...

my 30th was eclipsed by my daughter's 1st birthday, which is only three days earlier.

no competition or complaint, but no fanfare for sure!

Daphne said...

It doesn't seem that long ago that I turned 30 but apparently it was over six years ago, so I guess it WAS that long ago! I have to say I had a miniature freakout that lasted about one day. When I turned 35 I felt worse, but once I was over that hump, everything else seems like no big deal. Although I suspect 40 will feel kind of weird. The other day I was driving around, and I glanced at myself in the rearview mirror. Looking pretty much the same as I ever have, plus just a few more tiny lines, I thought, "Wow. I guess this aging thing never stops." You don't really realize that until the the lines start to come, and then you go, "Wow. That's not going to stop. " Dangit. But seriously -- I feel so much more myself now that I'm officially thirtysomething. That is the totally awesome part. I can live with a few lines for that gift.

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

It happened three years ago for me. I was quite traumatised at the time, but now am so much happier and more settled than I was in my twenties. I think with each year that passes we gain wisdom and experience, and it matters less and less what others think. I think I'm on the verge of actually knowing myself now...
Getting older is such a beautiful process, it's lovely to read about how you are thinking to the future with such excitement xx

singlemama said...

I really can' remember how it was turning 30... I know I had moved to live with my boyfriend (i.e. my ex husband...) and I had a new job. but I really can't say how I felt.

maybe I felt old.
you' re right.

I really felt better when I turned 40... I know it is hard to believe if you are a younger woman. but it's true.


moonmother said...

I didn't do a damn thing, why because birthdays have always sucked for me. If I don't plan my own birthday it never happens. Now I'm feeling sorry for myself just joking! But really turning 30 meant nothing to me I've been getting grey hair since I was 28

..... Carmen said...

Thirty wasn't so bad for me, but I had a strange time with 31. That seemed to really TELL me I was actually IN my thirties. Hard to believe I'm approaching 32 this year. The numbers just don't seem real - lol. That looks like a good list you have for your 30th!

Emily said...

Ha! My aunt and uncle used to babysit me when I was younger. One of my vivid memories from being at their home is of them religiously watching the show thirtysomething. At the time my aunt and uncle were in their 30's and I am sure they thought the show was very hip. But I thought the same thing as you-- those people are OLD. Now I'm 34. Oh well! :)

Tammie said...

it wasnt that big of a deal to me(im 34 now). i think the biggest thing for me is that even though i consider myself "old", i still feel like a totally dumb kid. like, im amazed that i have to do 'adult' things on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I turned 30 almost a year ago. I remember being a teenager and looking ahead and thinking "when I'm 30 I'll probably be doing such and such". I don't think any of those things have happened. But I'm still happier than I've ever been. I think my happiness is the product of the perspective that my experience has given me. I don't worry about stupid stuff anymore. I've learned to be content and to be compassionate to myself and to others. I feel I have finally accepted myself and my situation. In my twenties (especially early twenties), I never really did.

Robin said...

I'm with Carmen... 30 was fine, but once I hit 31, I think there were a few heart palpitations in there. Eeeek!

Lucy said...

Well, I am now 36. I don't mind my age - and I didn't mind turning 30. Ageing doesn't matter so much to me - the children growing up and the thought of coming ever closer to death do perturb me, but I am still me, no matter what my age is, and to be honest I still feel the same as I did at 12. I was recently speaking to a lady who will be 100 this summer, and she said she feels like a girl still and is amazed to realise she is 99. It's all only numbers. You will be blessed.

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Lucy, that is such a beautiful comment... I still feel like a young girl inside, and I hope that never goes away. It is inspiring to hear from other people that the spirit doesn't age... just the body x

Ps in addition to my original comment I actually found turning 31 much harder than turning 30 xx

sophie said...

There was no big party just an intimate dinner with close friends and family. Soon after we left for the UK and I suppose that was my foray into real adulthood, just the 4 of us (little Evie wasn't thought of yet)in a foreign country. The 30's are great, I feel better in this decade than the last.

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