Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We have had a crazy couple of weeks, crazy. We have been finishing up the last details for our show, doing interviews (OK just the one- but it's gone to my head), promoting and obsessing.

On top of that we are just about done with our degrees! I am sure there will be some maddening details between now and the end, but the big stuff is DONE! I can't even express what a relief it will be to move on from this!

We also have work. Eric is curating full time and is completing a major project. Next week he will have the movers and shakers of Wyoming (oh yes we have them) out to his museum.

I have been working one night a week teaching at the college, but I have also been busy with Wyoming Rose projects as well.

Then there has been the whole house issue. The opportunity just presented itself a couple of weeks ago and since then we've been caught in quite a whirlwind. We love what we believe to be our future home (barring unforeseen obstacles), it's so perfect for us!

Last week I took a break from all of this and went on a long walk with my friend Sarah. We talked about books, family, hopes and dreams. While we were chatting she mentioned that she thought that Eric and I are busy people. She isn't wrong! While I find this period of our lives to be invigorating and terrifying (art show and home buying) I am finding balance right here in our home.

I spend quiet days with my girl. Working on projects when she is doing her own thing. When I say "her own thing" what I mean is those times when she is rubbing crumbs into her face and hair (we have no explanation) or perhaps rolling on the floor or making her stuffed animals kiss each other.

No matter what happens in the coming weeks I have this sweet girl to help me keep perspective. Thank goodness!!





How do you keep your perspective when things are crazy in your life?


Orange Paisley said...

I love the picture of her hand...she has the sweetest little hands!

elizabeth said...

nothing like being a mama to keep your feet on the ground is there? in a good way. a very good way. :)

my husband totally keeps me grounded. he is so good about telling me when i need to step back and take a break . . . yeah, he's good for me. :)

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