Thursday, March 31, 2011


Zing as in amaZING (in case you were wondering about the title of this post).

My hubby has turned into something of a local celebrity. He has been interviewed 3 times by the local newspapers and a couple of TV stations over the past few weeks. I expect the paparazzi is already lining up on the sidewalk outside our place this morning.

I know you haven't heard me rambling about newscasters lately, but it's not because we've stopped stalking them. Winter is just newscaster hibernation time. However, spring is newly upon us and you know what that means. NEWSCASTERS!

Please excuse the photo quality, consider this an action shot.

Yesterday Eric's museum opened an exhibit that he's been working on for a small eternity. He single-handedly curated a massive exhibit and then crowds turned up in huge numbers. The governor even came to this small museum to check out the inspired work Eric has done.

The crowd

Eric with the gov.

Anyway one of the newscasters came up to Eric and said, "Good to see you again." We're almost in with them, soon they will show us their lair. Until then, Eric had an amazingly successful opening.

Another action shot. I think my mom was in the middle of a diving log roll to get this photo.

What about you? Is it newscaster season where you are?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Maria! You slay me!! :-). So many amazing events going on for you all! Congratulations to Eric for another success! And much luck to you as you prepare for initiation into Newscaster Nirvana ;-).

Orange Paisley said...

Given his level of fame, it isn't surprising the Governor wanted to be photographed next to him.

By the way, I noticed a superior quality to some of today's photos!

ben said...

I recently had a newscaster sighting at the bank! Here is a link to her greatest news masterpiece the video is on the right side

AKM said...

Way to go, Eric! Hobnobbin' with the governor! Hee hee, "their lair."

I don't think we follow newscasters as much here in St. Louis. Cardinal players, however...

Momma CupKate said...

Am sitting in a research class trying not to reveal just how much I despise statistics when I remembered I hadn't read your blog. So much more entertaining!

Maria Rose said...

I really wish there had been photos of the bride's ensemble.

Robin said...

I haven't seen one for awhile!

singlemama said...

well my crutches are not that famous yet. therefore there's no newascaster around here ;-)

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

That is so exciting, I am happy for you both! :)

sarah said...

Ha ha ... I love you guys. ;)

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