Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boxes and Roses

The time before a move always gets kind of strange. Most of the clothes are packed. Boxes begin to pile up in central locations. I question whether I will need things like the food processor or tongs between now and unpacking day. The cats quickly get to work trying to scratch the boxes into slivers of cardboard confetti.

Ophelia on a pile of boxes

I think I am about to make my 24th or 25th move, if you can believe that. I have this business down to a pure art form (mostly I just chuck everything into boxes and wrap valuables in towels). I am super fast and I don't think I have ever really broken anything! Eric is pretty much the exact opposite, he takes his time, sorts, gingerly packs breakables and generally tries to do a good job.

Birthday roses from my dear friend Charlotte.

In the midst of all this I had a birthday (did you read my mother's birthday post? It includes some awkward photos). My friend Charlotte sent roses which are perfuming the air of our apartment (masking the smell of cardboard) and it is kind of like a strange meeting of worlds. I find myself detouring by the flowers just to inhale their heady scent and bathe in their loveliness. I don't think I have ever appreciated roses more than I do right now.

*Oddly my brother Ben and sister-in-law Sara are also moving right now, way across the country to North Carolina! They leave today. (Drive safe and sanitary)

Last night we made a stop by the new house (ours on Friday!) and were able to pull up a corner of the carpet to discover immaculate oak hardwood floors underneath! So, before we move in the plan is to paint the interior --all of it-- and tear out the carpet to expose those gorgeous floors.

paint colors
Paint colors for the new house

Right now I am somewhere in between past, present and future. Makes things a little confusing, but oh so exciting.

What are you excited about?


Sara said...

Our house has two of those four colors! Those are pretty choices. You are so lucky you have wood under that carpet!

AKM said...

What a lovely home you will have! Such a thrilling time for all of you.

I'm excited that I'm taking the day off tomorrow to go to the Cards game with my brother! Woot woot!

kirsten said...

I like the green!

the mountain fox said...

Exciting times! Your Mother's post is so so sweet....

Susan S said...

I'm excited that you are moving to such a pretty house with a YARD for you!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

hahaha! Ophelia's face is so great. I love the colors you chose for the house and am still so excited for you! I know what you mean about packing certain things before their time is due, the hubs and I are also moving soon and are going through the same fandango. Good luck :)

Momma CupKate said...

A friend of mine pulled her carpet up in their new house a couple years ago. She's a coach's wife and he was gone with the team, they were new to the area, and she and the kids were staying in our guest housing, so we got to know her rather well. Dud, she used to tell the funniest stories about the number of staples holding the carpet down and pulling them up with the kids in the house and the cat running from all movement. Still makes me laugh. BUT... now, nearly 2 years later, they're firmly ensconced in the town and the house, and it's such a beautiful home.

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