Saturday, April 16, 2011

Durango Visit

Yesterday we enjoyed our first full day in the town of Durango. We couldn't help but notice that this community has many friendly folk. People wave or say "hello" as they pass you. I love that. There are lots of bikes, great trails along the river with sculptures and paintings along the way. There are beautiful pedestrian bridges and people who seem to genuinely love being outside.

Eric had to be in conferences for much of the day so I started the day off by taking Cordelia to the Discovery Museum. Cordelia had a wonderful time, checking it all out. There was an area for the littlest of kids and she had a blast!

Cordelia at the museum

C at the Discovery Museum
At the museum

We met up with Eric for lunch and decided to try out a restaurant called Raw Heavens. We found it in a cool building called the Smiley Building, a converted old junior high school. The building is filled with Yoga and dance studios, it was really cool!

The restaurant had only been open for 10 days, and it was take out only, but the owners were really neat. They are a French couple (I think they are a couple) who are serious raw foodies. Have you ever met anyone who eats the raw food diet? They always seem to look like the healthiest people on the planet. We ordered raw pizza and a curry wrap. * for those of you who are unfamiliar, raw foodists don't cook food and they are vegan. They don't cook anything above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. They eat this way in order to consume food that has not been processed and has the optimal nutritional value. I know you're thinking that they only eat carrots and broccoli, but that's just not the case. We ate an absolutely delicious meal, seriously good! If you are in the area I highly recommend Raw Heavens! (No they didn't ask me to advertise for them)

In the Smiley Building
Cordelia and I with lunch in the Smiley Building

Pizza from Raw HEavens
Delicious Raw Pizza from Raw Hzeavens

Curry Wrap from Raw Heavens
Curry Wrap from Raw Heavens

After lunch Cordelia took a long nap and Eric headed back for some more conferencing. I just relaxed, it was nice.

Later we took a long walk along the river.

Spring along the Animas

The fam
On a walk along the Animas river

Bridge ver Animas
Suspension bridge

Finally we ate some dinner and retired for the evening.

Our hotel The General Palmer

Eric at the hotel
Eric in the hotel

How was your day?

Animas River
The Animas River


Stacey Sotosky said...

Thx for posting! I lived in Durango for 10 years--I miss it--compared to Phoenix it's heaven.

Susan S said...

Your lunch looked like a pretty bouquet in a box!

Emily said...

What a beautiful area! I'm glad you all were able to enjoy some time outside! And that curry wrap looks really yummy. It's nearly midnight and I am starting to get hungry again....

Anonymous said...

Your trip to Durango looked like so much fun - my parents venture to Durango every year, and I've heard so much about how friendly the town's people are. I also agree with raw food people, their glow totally makes me want to transition over - until I meet a french fry. :)

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

wow! so beautiful and the food is stunning as well :) we spent this weekend on a road trip visiting the hub's family in Massachusetts.

Veggie Tales said...

Wow is that ever a beautiful take-out box!

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