Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home Update and Big Favor (small effort)

We have been so busy working on our new house. Let me say that the house itself was in excellent condition, but we just wanted to make a few changes before moving in. A few changes means, painting nearly every square inch of the house and ripping up the carpets that were in the living room, hallway, and one bedroom.

Our mess
Starting out with a big mess

My manly man using painter's tape

The remains of a grape and floral wallpaper border and my sanity (just kidding)

Eric and I have a good system going. I go in like the sloppy brute that I am and paint everything but the edges and trim. Eric meticulously finishes the work. He has taken care of the edges and the trim, pretty much everything tedious and boring (thanks Eric). He had some help this week as he pulled up the carpets and tack board (thanks Sam, Mom, Brent and John) to reveal a near pristine oak floor underneath!

We hope to move in this weekend!

***I also wanted to ask a favor from you today, Eric has entered to win the Wyoming Short Film contest. In order to make it to the final round he needs your votes. Please click on this link and watch Eric's video and vote for it (yes, you will have to give your email address and do a very quick verification in order for your vote to count--less than a minute) the higher the ratings the better. You vote by clicking on the number of stars you want to give the video. Eric's entry is called Marilyn Roxie-Indigo. Let's make this happen for him.


Susan S said...

(You are welcome...Can't wait for you to move in!)

affectioknit said...

Love the house pics! I voted - Great Video - I hope it wins!

Emily said...

Love, love, love that blue/grey color. And the paint job looks meticulously done. I'm so glad you all have had great help from family and friends-- makes it so much better!

AKM said...

Aww, it's so cool to see how things are progressing there! Hee, I love how you two work together...your Oscar Madison to Eric's Felix Unger. HA!

Voted! :-)

Carmen said...

I feel your wallpaper pain. When we moved into our home it was rose wallpaper from floor to ceiling.. that I think had been there for 20 years. All your hardwork will be so worth it!

Momma CupKate said...

Wow! Love the descriptions of homing in. Yes, I did just cheesy your blog up with a bad joke.

elizabeth said...

your painting team is the reverse of ben and i. :) it works out well - i do agree!

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