Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How it Went...

A quiet day was spent at home.

Breakfast was made and eaten.

Some cleaning was done.

More cleaning was un-done.

A walk was taken.

Fresh bread was made.


Warm bread was eaten with vegan margarine and agave.

Cordelia insisted on this little number...hat had to be peaked and not worn normally.


Eric came home.

Dinner was eaten.

A painting was started.

Family time.

Bed time.


What was your day like?


Susan S said...

I really, really like her style!

BKN said...

It was glorious. We eloped. Married on the Santa Fe Plaza at sunset. Beautiful day.

Momma CupKate said...

BKN is me, by the by. Didn't realize my husband (!) was signed in.

Emily said...

That really does sound like a perfectly wonderful day. :)

potterjotter said...

My day was good - enjoyed some sunshine. Your bread looks soooo good and wholesome. Yum!

singlemama said...

my day was good.

and cordelia looks great :-)

Maria Rose said...

I was wondering who that was. Congratulations!

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