Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How it Went

First Cordelia took a long nap in my arms. I had plenty to do, but I couldn't set her down. I have been missing her a lot with all of the painting going on at the new place. I just needed to gaze upon my little lady for a while. Plus she is in the age of constant motion. She moves around so much it's kind of lovely to get a moment to just take a good long look.


When she woke up this is how it went.

1) Grab hat that belonged to Great Great Grandma Rose.
2) Kiss self in mirror.
3)Run screaming around the couch.
4) Sit on Bumblebee.


5) When told that it is not OK to sit on Bumblebee because she might give Bum an owee, she continues to sit on Bum and hug her.



Keia Kato-Berndt said...

hahahahaha! oh my, this is great.

affectioknit said...

That's a sweet dog!

Emily said...

That is a precious sleepy picture of Cordelia, sweaty head and all! And what a good sport you have in Bumblebee too. :)

Siren Mary said...

Very cute! Zander is into hugging Dave Dog too and he has a book with baby faces about smiling and has been kissing the babies in the book - it all just makes me melt!

Stacy said...

Dogs are just so good sometimes!

singlemama said...

I love both of them :-)

Susan S said...

Cordelia is an ongoing adventure!

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