Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick Trip

Bright and early yesterday morning I hit the road with my mother and daughter. We headed for a quick day trip upstate to see my Grandmother, my aunt Tina, my uncle Mike and aunt Pat. The trip only takes a couple of hours. Since we've moved to Wyoming I've made this trip many times with my mother. First as I was pregnant and then, after Cordelia was born, with three generations of ladies.

We drank coffee (perhaps not the best idea when you're on the road for an extended period of time) and chatted. Cordelia did well until the last bit when she called out to the powers that be to rescue her from the torture of the car seat. She cried, "Graaaaaaaaaaandpaaaaa" as though he might teleport into the backseat to rescue or entertain her. He did not, in fact the only thing my father offered to the trip was the suggestion that we speak in olde english for the duration of the drive (the question is...did we???).

When we did make it to town Cordelia had resigned herself to a fate of life in a car-seat, tears drying on her cheeks. My grandmother spotted us as we pulled up and came out to greet us. We had a lovely hug and were shocked to see how my granmother's new regime has made her long and lean!

My aunts and uncle arrived a short while later and we all enjoyed lunch and conversation.


I forgot to ask permission to use the pictures I took of my family, so this will have to do.



We left in the middle of the afternoon. Just a quick trip. I enjoyed a lovely chat with my mother on the way home as Cordelia slumbered in the back.

How was your day?


Susan S said...

Coincidentally, I had a lovely day!

affectioknit said...

That sounds like a lovely're making me miss my Grandma though...

Emily said...

My day contained no medical drama which is a very good thing! I do miss getting to spend a day doing something fun with my mom. So glad you get to do that with your mom!! :)

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