Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Re-Set Button

We made it home yesterday after a long day of travel. We went to my parent's house first and found that my mother had gone way above and beyond, creating me a b-day feast; vegan lasagna complete with a vegan chocolate cake. We chatted as Cordelia went bananas because she was so jazzed to see my parents after several days away.

We collapsed at home later that evening. Content, but exhausted. I awoke this morning and though, "Yikes, I need to re-set." So today I am doing laundry and getting things in order. Perhaps a little packing will happen as well.

So I leave you with some photos of my sweetie, hoping you will forgive me for a quick blog post. Don't worry, the Kindness Bandit will return next week!

Sweet girl


Do you need to re-set today as well?


AKM said...

Yes, I also feel like getting all my ducks in a row today. The next few weeks will be crazy-busy with work (residence hall check-outs) and finals, so I'm relying on lots of prayer and Post-It lists! :-)

It sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I hope you enjoyed it! Glad your travels were also safe and sanitary. ;-)

singlemama said...

I re-set almost every day... ;-)

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

what a wonderful mama! Sounds like quite the feast :)
as for re-setting, I feel that after weekend like that I am in the twilight zone, time and schedules are nonexistent.

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