Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day Outside

Yesterday was one of those perfect weather days. The temp was in the mid 70s F. The sun was shining. There was only a subtle breeze. My mother stopped by in the morning with the newest member of our family. His name is Bode (pronounced Bodie---apparently that is a trend with my family...see my name in the About Me section if you don't know what I am talking about). He is a Hungarian Viszla puppy and he is sooooo sweet. I get to be his dog babysitter.

Meet the new guy

Playing with Bumblebee

We (Cordelia, the dogs and I) spent the morning playing in the yard. The dogs played. Cordelia and I worked in the garden.

Then my father came over for lunch and a little play in the yard.

Dad and crew
Lunch break with my dad

Later in the day, after Bode (Bodie) had gone home we still enjoyed ourselves and the perfect weather. I weeded. Cordelia crushed some flowers. Overall it was just lovely.






Bumblebee laying the the Mountain Ice (I think that is what it is called)

Ophelia watching through the screen door

We settled in for the evening. Bathing the girl, reading a dozen books and some snuggle time before I put her down for bed. How was your day?


Emily said...

Sounds glorious! It's funny now when I look at your photos I think "I know exactly where that is!" I already miss Cordelia and Bum and the kitties too. And I like the name Bode. What a sweet boy he is!

Carmen said...

That pups face is SO sweet. Sounds like a beautiful day in everyway!

Kate said...

Oh my stars, I just got so excited- I know a loval t.v. anchor! (Not sure why that excites me, cause it's You thing, but after reading about it so much, I do feel like I know a celebrity.) He was the ENMU student body president my first semester on student senate and my SONshine calls him "Trouble" cause he was always trying to get SONshine to do stuff that was against Momma's rules. Now he's an ancho in El Paso. Here's his twitter account:!/Local4Anthony

{Now I'm doubting if it counts, cause technically, the few times I hung out with him, he wasn't an anchor. Maybe he got mysterious Anchorness After the job?}

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