Monday, May 9, 2011

A Good Day

Mother's Day was a really really good day-nothing major happened, but that was exactly perfect.

I started the morning feeling a little wonky, but soon I powered through the last vestiges of the cold that has been pummeling our family. We sat down for breakfast and Eric opened the curtains to our patio and I found this:

motehr's day gifts

We went to Mother's Day lunch with the family and our family friend Laura. If you look closely you can see that Cordelia is showing off her noodle.

family dinner

Before lunch Eric and I engaged in a covert operation over at the abode of mes parents (that's French for my parents-so worldly). We set up a bike that the entire family bought together (well financially together ---only a few of us actually went and picked it up, that would've been weird). Eric and I set it up in the garage so that when my mom came home from lunch it would be the first thing she spotted. She has been wanting the awesome bike, but I think we totally surprised her!

gift for my mom

After lunch Eric got me to go shopping (really it does take a push unless it's thrifting) and I picked up some new shoes. * Note that this is a huge feat because I have huge feet and don't wear leather. I even picked up a new pair of jeans!

After a quick shopping adventure we went back home and spent the rest of the day playing in the back yard. I did some garden work.

c'est moi

Cordelia wore empty strawberry pots on her head.


Eric put together our new grill (hello suburbia).

grill master

We even found an old fountain in the garage. Bumblebee and Cordelia enjoyed it (also the reason Cordelia has 2 different outfits in the photos).

Cordelia in fountain


I was so happy.


We ended the day with some vegan lasagna and family time. Perfect.

Did you have a nice Mother's Day?


Anonymous said...

Lovely day! And what fun to find a cool fountain, as well as gardening treats outside your window! :-)

Carmen said...

That sounds like a perfect day :) Grace has those same shoes as Cordelia but in silver. They are G's favorite :)

Susan S said...

I'm glad the feat for your feet went well!

Stacy said...

The photo of you planting and the last one are simply stunning!!!! Gorgeousness my friend, simple gorgeousness.

Maria Rose said...

Thank you Stacy!

sophie said...

What a great day - your mum is so lucky, I bet she was speechless when she saw her new wheels!!

Robin said...


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